One Flame Activation


What to expect from the One Flame Activation?


Above all, the memory of the connection to the Source. You need to remember that you are the One who is Source to yourself. The Source of all knowledge, experience, knowing, Source Truths. You already know the story of One Flame, the original fire, it is described on our site and does not need to be fully understood.


If for a moment, when you read the texts and perceive the energies that are being translated here, you detect a longing or something that seems familiar, but you do not know where from, this is the beginning of a new path. The path is yours from the very beginning, you will just begin to perceive it in a different way.


The activation brings you a new point of view, better hearing, a new way of perception. It's an upgrade of your Source Code, an updated application, a link... however you understand it is ok.


As long as you know and feel that this is it.


In agreement with the Source Energies, we have come to transmit this knowledge of the Source and the energies that have already anchored into the Earth throughout the long human history, and have always operated outside time and space, just as we do.


Source Flame – One Flame has burned and still burns in each of us. Through this activation, this flame only intensifies or begins to burn stronger. This means that you become more aware of yourself and your calling, so that you can move on in your life.


The activation takes place in the energies of sacred partnership, in the energies that call to you and which you choose according to your soul's call.


These couples, who have already existed on Earth in a sacred partnership, have left a deep mark on Earth, or left an energy imprint that cannot be erased and is eternal. That is why you are always drawn to them. And no matter how much the system and matrix strive to cover this trail; it still remains visible on a soul level.


These energies work by creating an energy channel through us, and the codes designed for you, stored for you, are integrated into your records here and now.


In fact, Source Records from other parallel realities are activated here – you remember something that has been hidden from you so far.


We translate energies in following pairs:




The energy of Jeshua the energy of One Flame was originally anchored as the energy of Unity. His earthly story is thus intertwined with the manipulation of power taking and the surrender of power to the institution or Christianity, so its essence remained invisible, both to the eyes and to perception. In fact, it is so obviously obscured that it is always right in front of anyone but never really visible. That is why it has always been carrying the energy fingerprint of the Avatar. That is someone who walks on Earth, walks on water, works miracles, and, at the same time, has no earthly body.


Mary Magdalene is his soulmate from the Source on. Her energy has been manipulated on Earth to such an extent that every woman who carries her Source Record of grace and unconditional love instantly identifies herself with her collective energy. What is this energy?


It is the energy of conditionality, unconditional service, prostitution, powerlessness, anger, etc., which, of course, is far from the Source Truth. No woman ever wants to be any of what Mary Magdalene has been labeled with. We would all like to be Jesus, since he became the savior of humanity, and Mary Magdalene was beside him solely for occasional company, cleaning and cooking. Sounds familiar?


The energy of Jeshua was never present on Earth on an earthly level. That energy just was. There was no separation from the Source. It was complete awareness of the self as God, I AM, and the presence of his energy left the energy trail of One Flame in eternity.

Mary Magdalene is an energy of grace and unconditionality, a woman of Source Energy who, as One Flame, left her unique trail in eternity, and together they just were.


They exist in eternity and their energy record rests in each of us who are here and now and in eternity.

They lived life, which means doing miracles, for life is a miracle.


These codes contain the records of Source Self-Awareness, the awareness that we are a miracle, that we work miracles, that we leave a mark and we are not invisible, that we are unconditional love and mercy.


In these codes, there is a Source Record of 144 souls, spreading the energy imprint of a "miracle" across this reality.





The energies of Egypt are part of the energies of each of us. There is not a soul that does not carry this record. Isis is the mother goddess; Osiris is her soulmate. Even death did not part them, for with the help of Anubis, Isis assembled Osiris' body, his energies, and continued the pure Lineage of Gods on Earth.


There are many karmic stories attached to this energy, for soon after the arrival of the Source energies on Earth, people identified themselves with them and greed and the need for "power" ignited in their eyes instead of the Source Flame.


Even in recent history, the Matrix has been trying to cover the Source Energy of Isis with a terrorist organization and to bring some distorted energy into the vibration of her name.


In this activation, you receive the Source Records you have left in certain places beyond time and space, and they will show you the way back to the Source through stories, memories from Egypt.


When these stories disappear, the Source energy of Isis and Osiris is revealed, which is fully from the Source, only intertwined with a network of earthly stories.




Innana is the Source Energy of the creators of the earthly program and is uncompromisingly compassionate, loving, gracious but far from the interpretation of Earth. She is the first to arrive on Earth completely "immaculate" by earthly energies. On Earth, she has been characterized by the vibration of a primary coarse energy, but in essence, if she calls to you and you sense her, it is the energy of full acceptance.


This brings the energy of complete uncompromising compassion to the SELF as it is the only power that exists. Compassion for others then becomes something normal. All the power that Innana brings is just full awareness of yourself.

In this activation, Source Codes of Source Self-Awareness and uncompromising compassion are handed over to you. This is followed by a transformation down "to the bone", and then further. Of course, regarding how much you allow yourself to accept and to let go at some point. This is followed by full acceptance of life.





Heylal is the energy of the passage between Source and Earth, and so few people really perceive him. On Earth, he is known as Lucifer and Archangel Michael. We could find some other names, but originally Heylal is completely pure Source male energy.


Yes, it is the energy of protection that, on Earth, has taken on a completely uncompromisingly egoistic vibration of destruction, encroachment on the space of others, and of course, "protection."


Protection on Earth since the beginning of the duration of the program means conditioning the male energy over the female one. Lucifer is the fallen angel from Heaven to Earth – and we all know with which part he fell on Earth first.


Heylal is the Source Flame that carries everything that was intended to journey in its ENTIRETY from Source to Source.

Lilith and her energy have caused the division into male and female energy already from Source solely with an apple and a snake. Really? Even now, no one knows where the apple tree stood, and to which side the branches bearing the forbidden fruit were inclined.


Lilith brings the energy of wholeness to Earth by showing a very strong Source contrast to the energy of duality.


Both Heylal and Lilith give you the energy of the Source Division, which you are so familiar with, because everything you have in your life is based on duality.


Then, when you accept this earthly division, it is through this Source Energy that you are shown the illusion of this duality, this division.


There is darkness on one side, light on the other. On one side you have pure Source "immaculate energy", on the other the "original sin".


On one side you look them in the face and on the other side, in their behinds. Yet still and forever, these are the two Source Flames – two ONE Flames.


Exactly as it is written in the Source.


The decision is yours – from which side you will look at it and when you will see the whole.


They are handing you the UNITY Source Code.


All One Flame activations can be made in person at our premises or remotely via Skype.


Duration of each activation: 2.5-3.0 hours

Individual energy exchange: 222,00 EUR / session


Energy exchange for couples: 333,00 EUR / session

TO COMPLETE THE ONE FLAME ACTIVATION one must go through a series of 3 sessions within 33 days between each.

To schedule your session or for further questions write to:


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