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One Flame

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Wherever I look, wherever I go, the topic of soul mates and the so-called Twin Flames keeps coming up.

All sorts of people, with different perceptions of life, have something to say about it.

What they don't realize is the fact that waiting for a soul mate or a Twin Flame is already a contradiction they activate in their vibration – because in a state of waiting, we are not in tune with receiving, or accepting.

The primary program, the Source Code does not perceive “waiting”. As a matter of fact, it does not perceive time at all, so waiting is nonexistent. There is also no going faster or slower.

Many people have been asking me lately “What is happening to me?”

What I notice in all of them is the state of Zero Point…I prefer the term Turning Point…doesn't really matter what you call it, what matters is the understanding and the vibration of the word you use.

And many people interpret this Zero Point as a point of destruction, which it actually is, but as it is perceived through the human earthly ego mind, the emotions of fear and resistance are activated.

Zero Point is a state of complete destruction – the source energies ensure the state of evaporation – but they also make sure, that a pure light pillar is activated and stands on a solid foundation.

The key is to allow yourself to go through this state, without resistance and be resurrected in a new vibration like a Phoenix.

It is the process of destruction of anything old and enabling a new beginning for oneself, which is the beginning of a LIFE OF FREEDOM.

About soul mates and Twin Flames, I can share my experience and knowledge.

The Soul Mate

As two soul mates meet, an interesting feeling awakens in both, a knowing of sorts, that all is as it should be, and both perceive that every situation is directed by the universe itself.

In truth, both souls are vibrationally attuned and we lead the game by ourselves. The souls have an agreement and are keeping to it. At this stage, their physical meeting in this dimension is a "notarial act".

It is true that this is a learning phase, a very enjoyable learning phase, even if it can be very difficult for someone. It's important that you know this.

All so-called obstacles, walls come together, integrate into one wall − if we must call it that.

But it is a moment when you realize that you are ALONE but one with somebody.

When you are on the level to realize that time doesn’t exist, thus working on yourself and mirrors are not necessary, at this stage you get that kind of soul next to you. Not facing you but standing next to you – it is not a mirror to look at.

And for example, they just feel standing sideways against a wall − no need to climb over a wall to look for a door or window because they can sense each other through the joint wall.

In that moment, they are at the Turning Point.

They are slowly getting to know each other destroying the so-called last wall, which is really an earthly illusion.

Both grab each brick in this wall and put it away together etc. and at the same time, old unnecessary things fall away from both, disappearing into the light.

Both are falling apart knowing that someone is with them and understands, keeping space – without pretense and earthly drama.

When the moment arrives in which they look at each other over this wall, they are both actually decided at the so-called Turning Point to let go of everything that is still in this wall.

At the Turning Point they turn toward each other and in that moment they become a mirror to one another.

But this mirror is a mirror of the soul, of the Source, a mirror of grace, unconditional love – a mirror of SELF.

This is the so-called Twin Flame ENERGY, which is completely manipulated in its core on the earthly level. For as I have already said many times – in this phase we are ONE FLAME.

Therefore, as long as you keep searching for your Twin Flame, you will only find your opposite and will be searching eternally – because you are still living in the illusion of time.

Once you truly sense the essence in YOURSELF, of all written above, you are finally on the path of FREEDOM and AWARDS OF THIS LIFE.

And I completely, also with every physical cell of this body and in all dimensions, feel and KNOW and live this.

And I do not allow and permit anyone to undermine or shift this.

Thus I’m receiving only FREEDOM, GRACE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE because this is what I AM.


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