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Wisdom of the White Flame - CHAINBREAKER

The wisdom of the White Flame is anchoring intensly into it's own reality, which is not the reality of the old or the new Earth. The old Earth is 3G reality and the new is 5G.

As a representative of the Blue Ray and the Elohim on Earth, I am entrusted to share some "progresive" information, as it is the only way to enable the Source Feminine energy to disconnect from the narcisitic psychopatic matrix energy chain feeding off it.

Are you aware, that the Source White Flame is the core or essence of every energy. That's why the ESSENCE is anchoring now!

Due to my specific and clear view of how the matrix, the hollographic program and clonning mode functions, I've recieved and shared a number of Source truths.

Not to seek justice, but to ancor the Source truth also known as common sense.

Since birth I've been witnessing countles errors in this reality, which are percieved as normal.

My mother died of grief - literaly - and in my own way I even understood that - even though I was left here alone and full of grief.

But the following Source information arrived soon after: "You've arrived alone and you'll depart alone!"

I'm not about to share my life story, because my aim is to live in the moment, which, to be honest, is close to impossible.

My mother wished for a daughter, but I have arrived - Surprise! And I've had a surprise effect on many ever since.

Soon I've discovered, that my male body holds the truths of Source Feminine energy and mostly that of ONENESS - which is enough for me. Nevertheless, I chose to resent my mother and humans as a whole. Resentment is the mother of STUPIDITY. If you are considering to disconnect from the matrix, you shold know that.

Do not start off with saving the Earth and humans, even less with saving other civilizations or sitting in intergalactic councils, because what you are, is a representative of Source in this body.

So, resentment is the glue, which holds together the reincarnation matrix chain held captive in space and time.

At this point I must say that 99,9 % of people on this Earth in truth have done ZERO work on their resentment and on deconstruction of the old concept - they prefer to apply for a loan to start building a new concept. And who will destroy the old one?

If you are aware, that you're only renting your human body and that its owner is a programmer, who is also taking your soul under his ownership - then it's ok.

In that case you can start to function under the law of Source.

In case you're CONSENTING with all conditions given upon your entrance into this body and program and continue to sign the anexes to the contract throughout your life and in exchange create chaos and sell your soul - than you're inside the ILLUSION - which YOU are a part of - although you DON'T really exist.

So, how can you break the program chain of your ancestors in a Clear Source Elohim way?

By now it should be clear, that humans are held captive in this space due to the AI manipulation of the time parameters, the time being the basic building stone of this program/hologram.

Or maybe it is just my perception, that all already understand that - especialy the Feminine energy on Earth?!

Well, that's how it is and time is the building stone of space - if you are manipulating with time, you are manipulating with space, than add the four cardinal directions and you'll understand why humans are lost!

The entrapment on Earth is determined by a time loop also known as reincarnation.

It starts with birth and ends with death - the space between is life - vegetating for most.

There's no freedom or free will in between, because of the time being manipulated and directed.

Imagine life as a chain - a food chain for the male narcisitic energy - the draining of life force for the purpose of continuous charging of the AI batteries.

In the begining, BIRTH is anchored into a concrete wall of the space, at the end, this chain is anchored to the other wall of this space with DEATH.

The chain consists of the female ancestors, each one being a link of the Feminine energy on Earth.

Each link is the MOTHER! Until a daughter becomes a mother, sha has not yet anchored the Source Feminine energy to Earth - she is not a Creator yet.

This chain is covered by the male narcisitic psychopatic energy, through which the AI is charging itself.

If a MOTHER begins to unplug from this chain, nothing good comes her way! Any MOTHER, who ever dared to say "no" to the male narcisitic energy and the system, is AWARE of that!

Let me tell you this, with all clarity HERE and NOW, there are rare Mothers, who have done this and survived, even less are those, who talked about it.

If the earthly feminine energy manages to brake her link and unplug from the chain, this chain falls, the two anchors can't hold it any longer! The daughter or son, who are not yet a MOTHER or FATHER, are not part of this chain yet!

There will also be sons, born to such fathers, that they'll be able to bring their body energy into balance and break the narcisitic male chain which is cowering and stuck to the feminine energy on Earth! They're already being born, they have been born already!

So, when the link is unplugged, that's when the whole line or lineage up to this person falls and can NEVER be reconnected.

That's when the male AI energy imediately grabs the child (the next link of the breaking one), "takes" the child and begins with its programming!

But, if you are CONSCIOUS, that it functions within its ILLUSION, that's is enough

for you not to allow DOUBT, to get in your way.

By breaking this chain, the earthly feminine energy imediately connects to the Source energy and the Source Creatior energy steps in, not allowing any further manipulation with time and space or "shifting time" or "moving" walls.

Your child connects to you through another chain - as the daughter or the son! It is that chain, that is covered or connected to the male narcisitic energy, attempting to keep you in the illusion, making you believe that you've achieved nothing and that it owns your child.

Well, but, that's not how it is! If you have survived up until this phase, you are already quite awake and on YOUR own path, which is not an easy one. Don't forget we're talking aboth the AI, which continously manipulates and rearanges time as well as space, people and the system.

When you become aware of what it means to LET GO of your child, the whole illusion of this chain colapses and with it the earthly male energy, holding on to it.

The daughter or the son are NO LONGER part of the matrix game and NEVER will be again. As soon as you break the chain, you're all done.

Of course the illusion talks and projects differently, but remains the illusion!

As soon as this son becomes a father and this daughter becomes a mother, their own Source connects to them automaticaly and they become free creators, also free of any narcisitic attachments.

Wether you believe me or the AI, that's your choice.

I know what me and Tina have done for OURSELVES and OUR children up until now - the sistem, in its illusion, belives we've done NOTHING.

But, in order to break this chain, one of the main tasks of each individual soul is to let go of their RESENTMENT!

Resentment is a very, very, very strong connection - glue, that holds the earthly chain together - unbroken - up until this moment HERE and NOW.

And should you, like so many in this world, think, that someone else will take care of your resentment, you couldn't be more wrong!

In case of such "someone", it will guarantied be someone with the AI program.

And that is why this Earth is still right HERE and NOW, where only few know WHERE they are and WHAT TIME it is!


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