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a Message from the Star Elders


“We, the Star Elders, are souls who are present with all our energy in every reality and carry with us the Original Wisdom and full awareness of ourselves as a whole part of the whole universe.


We enjoy the title of being a Bridge between worlds, a Bridge between Heaven and Earth.


We come from everywhere and beyond and we travel everywhere and beyond. We have always appeared on earth whenever we have been called to guide souls on their own unique path.


We are known as shamans of the ancient people, sorcerers, sages, elders and whatever else they named us. In this time, we are here with the intention to deliver guidelines for souls who will be called and will follow their call to these transformative soul messages translated by our beloved brother Karl. "


Your personal Soul message from the Star Elders will be sent to you in written form by regular mail.

Please add your address to your order.


Energy exchange: 77,00 EUR

To receive your message, write to: 


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