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Understanding the Source concept of 

The Human Program


The human program, known also as the Matrix, is called human for a reason. It has been developed and still is being upgraded exclusively to serve and satisfy needs and expectations.


This is not a program of Earth, Gaia or whatever you choose call her energy, it’s a program of the human beings on it.

It's based on separation, overpowering, intimidation, physical and emotional manipulation, endless searching, the need for more, the disrespect of anyone and all,...


As such it is feeding of fear, powerlessness, unworthiness, not enoughness, chaos and confusion, unfulfillment,…

Why humans function in this manner is really an enigma. This why is not a human perception based why, but a Source one, yet from an earthly perspective.


From a human perspective this program, which is directed and dictated by the destructive male energy, while followed and blindly trusted by the subordinate female energy, feels completely content and has no intention of changing.


The female energy, that blindly trusts and follows, is in its essence the same as male energy, since that's what it has been completely covered with, serving and suppling it with all it needs, so it can grow stronger and spread.


What remains hidden to the human eye is the real picture, the energetic construct of this program. And why is that so? Because on earth all that is obvious is hidden and unnoticed, all that is hidden is the obvious.


And why do people choose the servitude to the obviously hidden program, which lately doesn’t even try to hide its obviousness and keeps its programing actions and activates open for all to see?  It even continuous to adapt the human program with upgrades of more fear and powerlessness with all the ongoing activity on this planet.


What is obvious to those of us, who see through it, is the fact that the physical senses, the sight, the hearing, the touch are all seriously messed up and confused, that the human program daily provides the male energy with power, support and control on all levels and keeps holding the female energy in a state of powerlessness and self-devalued perception.


There is a countdown and the timer has been running since the moment of creation of this program.


When exiting this program, it is key to exclude two parameters which it is based on and holds control over – TIME and SPACE. You need a limited time and space to be able to control a development, growth or the countdown to self-destruction.


Where there is no time - there is no countdown. Where there is no space – there are no endings.


Humanity exists in a strong hologram of extreme continuous emotional situations, which are of course based on fear, anger, rage, hate and that is also what it feeds on.


On the other hand, in reaction to this, there is an emerging of the unconditional love of the countless gurus, new age Jesuses, Magdalenes, goddesses,…which in its essence is nothing but an overexaggerated need for fulfillment of the opposite polarity of the earlier mentioned emotions on the so called human emotional leader which turns the unconditional love into the same bottomless pit.


Why a bottomless pit? Because that's what all extreme emotions and reactions are, holes, voids, emptiness which no one and nothing can fill, for they’re actually not existent.

But humans do try to fill these emotional black holes - which are the product of unconditional uncompromised earthly functioning of humans – and they do so with food and drugs.

That's where the addictions, alcoholism, sexual perversions,… appear, which in their core are addictions to the human program of fear and self-destruction.


Humans in this program are addicted to self-destruction, which they have professionally labeled as adrenalin.


None can ever fill these voids. They make humans addicted and the human collective an isolated colony, where health is not prospering by accessing self-awareness and the Source healing processes, but it is more of a psychiatric institution in which most wear straitjackets and the self-proclaimed doctors are male with the traits of narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths, which again reflects the real picture of the greater part of contemporary medicine as well as the male energy on earth.


So, what is the human program? A self-sufficient psychiatric ward within which those fragments of souls are gathering, who choose to develop within this twisted self-destructive reality.


The mission of those few travelers beyond time and space present in this reality, is to help and extract those souls, who have been falsely sent here and to give them a new opportunity to speak on their own behalf in front of the Source “senate”.

With uncompromised respect,

Karl, Tina & One Flame

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