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Source Self Connection


"Pain of Awakening" Energy Art by Tina (find more in Galery)

You are looking for something more, a purpose, a higher truth...

A story, to recognize yourself in...

A theory, that would give an excuse to your present situation, which you are not satisfied with, therefore you're looking for something more.

And often you find yourself in a story, a theory, you find people, offering you instant solutions.
Those work like instant noodles. They give you about the same satisfaction...short lived, half way and not of much value.


With all this searching you are forgetting YOURSELF. You cannot see your true self beneath all the masks and frames, which you squeeze yourself into, identifying yourself with how you think you should be, just to be seen - not realizing, that these masks and frames are the ones keeping you blind and invisible.

Source Self Connection is meant to help you see yourself clearly, behind all these fames and masks and beneath all those layers of expectations you've covered yourself with - it connects you with your original multidimensional Self.

Your Source Self speaks, when you allow it. You are able to hear it in a state of altered consciousness under my guidance, supported by my Source frequency connection. The choice to listen, is certainly your own.

In connection with your Source Self and your Higher Aspect you have the opportunity to have a clear view of the masks you wear. Hiding beneath them are fears, not many, but they are anchored so deep, that you don't notice them yourself. They dictate your life, your choices, work, reactions to situations through emotions, which create your thoughts. Your thoughts and focus is what you create your reality with.

The purpose of a Source Self Connection session is a clear view of the focus you have in life. What you receive is the knowing, that the choice of focus is your own and with it the power to create a new reality.


For a deeper understanding of your Source existence you may receive an insight into your parallel physical lives, experiences in other time and space frames – an insight into your Akashic records, your Soul’s blueprints.


You meet face to face with your Source Self – the clear version of you unaffected by the earthly stories, scars or emotions – as well as with the wider Aspects of you or your Soul Guides, if that is what you choose to call them. When they come through, the message is always given in the vibration of uncompromised support to shift and transmute your consciousness and vibration in this reality.


Source Self Connection is not an instant solution. It takes you to the portal you are meant to cross. The step through is yours to take.

You are unconditionally supported. If you choose, you may just as well sit down in front of it and take your time. But there is no way back. The experience will change you irreversibly.


Every session is a unique experiance. After a conversation you will be guided into an altered state of awarness, similar to deep meditation. In this state your consciousness is capable of receiving information from your Source consciousenss, your primal state of awarness, where all your different physical lives experiances are stored and where you can access your source knowing as well as your purpose that you have choosen for your curent life experiance. 

All that matters is right here and now. You can create your every moment by your own choosing. A shift and change happenes in the moment, when you become aware of your true self, when you discover your beliefs, which you have picked up on your path and are not in tune with who you are. It's those beliefs that keep you blindfolded and prevent you from respecting and seeing yourslef.

To start respecting yourself is a necessery step, that will change your life irreversably. As you do, you will put up uncomrpomised boundaries of your own personal space and begin creating a reality, that is worthy of you. But it is as allways a matter of choice.

Through out the session you will encounter yourself in your source form of existance and experiance uncompromised compasion and respect towards yourself. If it serves your higher good, your source Self will take you through your other physical lives (past lives), with the intent to help you understand yourself better and to clearly see your beliefs, which you have been carrying with you and will be guided to releise them.

Offen in a session clients also encounter their soul guides or source consciousnesses, who are supporting and you in your physical reality, whitout you being aware of them. If it serves the purpose, you may encounter primal source collectives, who are working with and through you and cocreating this reality we are ecperiancing in the now. You may learn of your galactic origin and of the role you've agreed to play in the shifting of the human collective program.

You always receive information and knowing, that was mant for you in the given moment. No more and no less.

A session lasts for app. 3,5 hours. After our conversation, I will guide you into an altered state. This experiance lasts about 1,5 - 2 hours by earthly perception. You should know that while in the state, you will percieve time differently, it will feel like a few minutes to you.


There is basicaly no preparation needed. As soon as a clear intent is set and your session is scheduled, the process of shifting your awarness alredy begins. Many clients notice life changes or experiance interesting situations before their session. 

In case you already practice meditation, you can, while in meditation, set your intention to be supported and to recieve clear knowing during your session.

Prepeare a list of questions you wish to receive answers to and bring it to your session.

For a better experiance:

- your meal before the session should be light,

- drink enough watter to keep you hydrated in the days before your session,

- schedule your session on a day you don't have a lot of obligations and can take some time off for yourself. 

- wear comfortable clothes and bring along curiosity, an open mind and leave any expectations behind. You will receive what you need in the given moment, which is not necessarely what you think it should be.

In case you are taking any kind of psychoactive medication, please let me know before scheduling your session!

DURATION of the session: 3,5 hours


SESSIONS are avaliable ONLINE via Skype or IN PERSON in the space of OneFlame.

To book your session write to:

Source Feminine Activation

Source Feminine Activation



Duration: 3 x 90 min

Energy exchange: 333,00 €

Avaliable ON-LINE or IN-PERSON.



Duration: 2 x 90 min

Energy exchange: 222,00 €

Avaliable ON-LINE or IN-PERSON.

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Duration: 3 x 90 min

Energy exchange: 333,00 €

Aditional session (60 min): 88,00 €

Avaliable ON-LINE or IN-PERSON.



The first level of awakening YOUR Source Feminine energy includes 3 sessions, which lift the veil of your perception. This veil is blinding you with expectations, demans and needs of others, through which you're unable to see YOURSELF. 

The work you're about to begin is intended to help you recognise yourself, your subconscious beliefs, which create and dictate your life experiance and leave you in a state of belief, that your life is not in your own hands - which is far from the truth. This truth is for you to discover, once you remember your true essence and your Source Creator energies.


The following topics are a general guideline. The sessions are individualy designed and aligned with your state of awareness and the situations you are currently experiancing.



What is it? / How has it anchored in the Earth's reality throughout history? / How it has and still affects the human collective? / How can you connect to it and why would you?



What does selfawareness really mean? / What beliefs about yourself are holding you from making a change in your life and how they really affect your everyday choices? / How to step out of programed functioning and expand your selfawareness?


3 - RELATIONSHIPS (partner, kids, parents, ex-es, friends)

What are your relationships with other people telling you about yourself? / Why do you keep meeting the same kind of men? / How to release old stories and relaionships? / How do you treat yourself and allow others to treat you?



How do narcissists work? / Why are empathic women drawn to them? / How to recognize them? / How to get out of a relationship with a narcissist and how to handle the aftermath PTSD? / How to raise your kids with a narcissistic partner or ex?



What you must be aware of, before you’re ready for your soul partner and a harmonic relationship? / How to differentiate between a soul partner and a karmic story? / What to expect from a relationship with a soul partner?




A guided connection with your Feminine Soul Guide - integration, guidance and message.



In an altered state of consciousness I will connect to the Source Feminine channeling messages and answers to your questions.


If you are ready for serious work and shifts in your life, write to schedule your sessions: 


The sessioins are once a week, 90min each. 

Energy exchange: 333,00 € / 3x90min

We can meet in person in the sacred space of One Flame or ON-LINE (Zoom).


The second level of ACTIVATING your Source Feminine energy is suitable for those, who have already awakened it, in full awareness and recognition of their Source Feminine, but struggle in daily life with the triggers of automatic human programed responses. That's when you think you understand it all, but it stays in theory and when it comes to real life it often develops into an unwated result.


That's when the sole theory in combination with lack of truely activated Source Feminine energy misleads many onto the path of selfconfidence. Selfconfidence being to often misinterpreted for selfawareness. Selfconfidence is by far not Source Feminine energy of creation - it's the identification with the earthly male energy, with it you will walk the path of destruction and get even more entangled into the earthly program of karmic stories.

The following topics are a general guideline. The sessions are individualy designed and aligned with your state of awareness and the situations you are currently experiancing.




Through conversation and an energy scan of the current level of your connection to the Source Feminine energy, you will

receive a clear perspective of your current functioning - it helps you understand the extent to which the earthly stories are still effecting you and unableing you to connect or receive insigts from the Source Feminine consciousness. 



THe key is to understand and recognise the earthly selfconfidence, which many are quick to confuse with selfawareness. The next challenge is functioning within Source enrgies and surviving in the earthly human program. The perception of reality surrounding you, which grows more and more clear through selfawareness, is stressfull for your mind, which is still influenced by the program. This session will support you to clear the questions about emotional process, which you are exeriancing while expanding your awareness.



The understaning of sexual energy in it's Source form - how to awaken, protect and nurture it. A relationship in state of an awakened Source Feminine energy is something completly different from a partnership defined within the frames of the human programed perception.




Through a guided medition you will create and incorporate your own energy space, which will contionue to serve you as a space where you can always return to, to receive wisdom, regenerate and rebalance your energy and find the needed support for setting and keeping clear boundaries in your daily life. You will learn a technique to activate and maintain your Source connection yourself.

Sessions are held once a week, 90min each. 

To schedule, write to:

Energy exchange: 222,00 € / 2x 90min

You can choose to attend the sessions in person in the sacred space of One Flame or ON-LINE (Zoom).



The third level of INTEGRATION is suitable for those, who already work with energies and your clear-sensory abilities. It will help you understand your soul's path you have agreed to, your purpse and the way of using or working with your source abilities and wisdom as you have agreed to before enetering this physical experiance. Even if you already work as an energy healer, translate the source frequencies through readings or arts, you have asked yourelf that question - what is it, that I still don't know/remember or how can I reach that wisdom, that I know is mine, but just can't find the way to access it. 

Through the 4 sessions you will awaken and deepen your primary clear-sensory ability and receive a guidance for your further work in tune with your Source Soul agreement. 



A review of your clear-sensory abilites you use at your work and those, you might not be aware of. Fintuning your primary abilities and an energy activation of a new level of perception. 



Understanding the source of your Source Feminine energy, in what way and where you draw it from, when and why you you can't access it, how to reactivate it.


The energy work you are already practicing, can reach it's potential and effectivness only once you fully recognise your Source connection, once you strat functioning in uncompromised respect and acceptance of the knowing, that is intended for you to reach and to be translated through you into this reality.



In an altered state of awareness you will be guided to your energy space, where you will recieve an initiation and a message from the Source Feminine consciousness about your purpose and work with the wisdom, that you are allowed to access. You will also receive a guidence or technique on how to continue the expansion of your consciousness by yourself.


Sessions are held once a week, 90min each. 

To schedule, write to:

Energy exchange: 333,00 € / 3x 90min

You can choose to attend the sessions in person in the sacred space of One Flame or ON-LINE (Zoom).