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Source Frequency

Energy Healing




is a soothing and relaxing session which tunes you to your own divine frequency. It helps you to restore inner balance and creates a protective energy shield around you, bringing clarity and strenght to your heart and mind.


Helps with anxiety, fears, feeling powerless, insomnia, headackes, menstrual pains,...

for adults - 45 min - 55,00 eur

for children - 20-30 min - 33,00 eur

Avaliable only in person.

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Tuned into Source frequency I will guide you through the process of releasing an emotional imprint or deep clearing of energy attachments.

for adults - 1,5 h - 144,00 eur

Avaliable only in person.

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"The therapy with Tina took me to the moment of right here and now. Sounds simple in theory, but to experience it, is something else than what one would imagine. I thought I had reached this state several times before, but it was not even close to what I've experienced during this therapy. I sensed my energy, I finally perceived Myself. What has been coming through in small fragments before, came flooding in and there are no words to describe it.

Together, we healed the part of me that craved attention, that kept creating stories and hidden sadness day after day. This is not an instant healing, as we’re used to expect, it’s a deep healing that has brought me to the realization that I can truly regain my strength. A realization that affects my life every day, for which I am grateful to you Tina from my heart.


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