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One Flame Touch of Source

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You think you know what a touch is? The touch of a human hand? A touch of the soul? Have you ever wondered why people crave physical contact so much?

A true touch is the Source Essence of the soul and now is the moment when we are touching our own. Kindred souls that touch here on Earth and in the eternity of touches, souls who enable that contact with the touch.

The presence of a kindred soul, of the energies of the Source Flame, is the one that enables transitions and purifies the remnants of earthly stories from all realities.


When you touch the Source Essence, your soul, everything that has existed around you disappears. The illusion disappears. People misinterpret this Source Touch for love. It is mistaken for various massages, earthly perceptions of sexuality, etc.

NONE of this can replace it. The longing for the touch of the outside world disappears, leaving room only for the Source interaction with oneself. It is the only way we can touch a kindred soul that is never separated but always touches us.


Will people ever appreciate and respect the Source Feminine Essence?

I don't think so. What feelings does this evoke? Source Pain, crying. There is no more anger and other shit. Also, there is no need to say something that everyone has to say to themselves.


So how do you touch others with your story? How do you teach them Source Knowledge, grace?

By touching ourselves and creating our story as agreed. Option does not exist, free will does not exist, the only choice is Source Touch.


Are you ready for your own touch? Because it hurts and it's transformative, transmutative, isolative, etc.


But it's the ONLY one! This is the ONLY touch that exists. Everything else is a copy of something that cannot be copied.

We are touching ourselves and each other in eternity. It means seeing, hearing, feeling on Earth – in eternity, this means to TOUCH.


This ONE FLAME Transformative Therapy is what is handed over to you through us. We make it possible for you to touch YOURSELF and your soulmate in the Source. Your ONE FLAME. Your energies.


You are always ready because you are always seeking. The Source Touch is veiled only by the illusion of earthly karma and stories.


When you come to us, to this transformative energy work, a process begins that lasts forever and is eternal. So the illusion of restraint begins to fall apart.



Avaliable in person at our premises or remotely via Skype.

Duration: 2 - 2,5 hours


Individual energy exchange; 222,00 EUR

Energy exchange for couples; 333,00 EUR

To schedule your session or find out more, write to


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