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What is & How it works



In our work, we often use terms that are natural to us and the only way of expressing ourselves, but we understand that these terms are not understood or even misinterpreted by most people.

From the beginning of our work with energies, we used words like transformation, transmutation, transmission...
The core vibration is carried by the root of these words − it is its Source vibration. 


So, Transmission means simply "Energy on a mission"...just kidding (...not really...maybe a bit...)

It describes the basic of work with energies, which are infinite, unlimited and timeless. Meaning long distance energy work, unlimited by the perception of time and space − which is completely other realities, but not here on Earth.


Have you ever asked yourself, how you would perceive reality and function in such, if you wouldn't be limited by and to time and space? Well, you'd function exactly like the Source and all those who hold a clear awareness of their connection to the Source.


You should understand, that every time you take part in a global or long-distance transmission, the intensity of the energy is exactly the same as if you'd be sitting in a room with us. Of course, from a human perspective, you sense that something is missing, because you are used to functioning in this physical world by your senses of sight, hearing and touch. And this feeling that something is missing, that you will receive less than someone physically present in the same room with us or that there will not be enough left for you, if you are physically not in the same space, is merely a limitation of your perception.

Well, we got news for you: There's enough for everyone! Energy is unlimited!


The term long-distance transmission means the exact same amount of energy work as a personal one-on-one session, the difference is that in a transmission you can work from the comfort of your home. Which is perfect in many ways − you don't need to travel or go anywhere, you don't need to change your clothes, you don't even need to shower − kidding again, or choose.


Your benefit is exactly the same. Truly, long-distance work is the base of all our work. In what way do you think energy works? Even electricity works long-distance, so do mobile connections, the world wide web...


There's also another factor − those of you who feel uncomfortable in a group, and it's actually many of you. You have a

hard time expressing yourself or functioning in front of others. There are many triggers that cause stress in a group for an individual, so a transmission gives you the opportunity to avoid it and still respond to your soul's call, your intuition and get the work done.


At this point, you might start to perceive that the two of us work exactly the same from Egypt, England as in an individual session on-line or live in-person. It's not intended for all of you to travel the world, it hasn’t been your soul's intention, therefore, the opportunity is given to all to connect, do the energy work by long distance transmissions, also through Earth’s energy grid, receive activations and continue your part of work by sharing your upgrades and energies in your surroundings.


We do hope, that now you understand it to the extent, that you can release the feeling of inferiority or the feeling that there's not enough left for you or that others will benefit more from it.

Don't get us wrong, we are always happy to see people physically in our workshops, but it's not always possible. So note, that we work in the exact same way on all levels, with each single participant.


What’s also important is, that our work is based on and demands uncompromised honor and respect for the energies, the two of us and all participating.


We constantly upgrade and expand our awareness, our knowledge and thus our work. The new project of One Flame is already burning bright in its Source vibration, triggering all souls it touches, for they have agreed to be triggered to remember…


With uncompromised respect,

Karl, Tina & One Flame

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