Activating your Source Consciousness


The Story

Why One Flame and not a Twin? 


Why Unity and Self-awareness?


This time we are bringing the Source truth into this reality, the truth of your own eternal flame, which flickers and sometimes even lights up in each and every one of you. The story of OneFlame is the story of the Source flame, burning like the Olympic fire on the mountain dwelling of the Gods.

The original intent of unity awareness on Earth has been manipulated since the beginning of this Earth's reality. How? By someone, the first of many who followed, who arrived at the mountain of Gods and stole a part of the eternal flame. Carrying the burning torch, he returned to the valley, to his people, as a hero. But, this fragment of the Source flame did not last long, it didn't light up the way or the highest peaks.

Yet an unstoppable desire to own this »power« had been awakened amongst the humans. A need to have and own what was not theirs. The Gods could have extinguished it with ease, but they left the destiny of the people to their own free will.

Hi, we are Karl & Tina, a Blue Ray and a Source Feminine Oracle practising Source awareness and higher consciousness work for over 10 years. We are channels and avatars for Source and it's aspects, transmitting transformative messages and anchoring activation energies into this reality to support those, who have agred to remember their Soul's contracts and raise awareness and the vibration of consciousness of this Earth.

We are keepers of the blue-violet flame, one of a few arround the globe. Each is activated when two souls remember unity consciousness and their own agreement to work as catalists for others.

Our content is unique and might be overwhelming for some, but, if you are reading this, it is by no means by coincidence. All our sessions are channeled in the moment, guided uniquely to activate each soul who is connecting.

We are here to support you to dig deep and connect with your own universal awarenes and wisdom.

With uncompromised honor, love and respect,

Tina & Karl



A unique insight into the Source records of your Soul, The response that is conducted through us is transformative and adds a new depth to the limited mind.

An individual session with Karl, Tina & the Source aspects.

On Flame Activation

The activation brings you a new point of view, better hearing, a new way of perception. It's an upgrade of your Source Code, an updated application, a link...connecting you to your Source energies and agreements, that can not be left unfulfilled.

A series of 3 sessions with Karl, Tina & the Source aspects for individuals and couples.

When you touch the Source Essence, your soul, everything that has existed around you disappears. This session is for those, who are well on their path of awareness, supporting them to create their own space only for the Source interaction with oneself.

An individual session with Karl, Tina & the Source aspects.

Gods, Avatars and Source Collectives

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