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Activating your Source Consciousness

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About Us


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Karl & Tina, a Blue Ray and a Divine Feminine Shaman practising Source awareness and Higher Consciousness work for over 10 years.

Hi, we are Karl & Tina, channels and avatars for Source and its aspects, transmitting transformative messages and anchoring activation energies into this reality to support those, who have agreed to remember their Soul's contracts and raise awareness and the vibration of consciousness of this Earth.

We are keepers of the blue-violet flame, one of a rare few around the globe. Each is activated when two souls remember unity consciousness and their own agreement to work as catalysts for others.

Our content is unique and might be overwhelming for some, but, if you are reading this, it is by no means by coincidence. All our sessions are channeled in the moment, guided uniquely to activate each soul who is connecting.

We are here to support you to dig deep and connect with your own universal awareness and wisdom.

It is our path, agreement and joy to create a space, where the pillars of Source and Earth join into a bridge, a portal, open to all who seek their true connection. As above, so below.

We have anchored this bridge into the land we call our home on Dragon Hill, protected by the Star and Earth Elders, granting us the safekeeping of the Portals to their wisdom.

With uncompromised honor, love and respect,

Tina & Karl


As Above, so Below,


with   Karl

The gateway to Source, Intergalactic Soul archives and Star Elder wisdom.

Individual sessions with Karl and his connection to Blue Ray, Golden Ray, Ultraviolet Ray, the Elohim and numerous creator Source aspects, accessing, activating and connecting your Soul to it's galactic Akashic records and wisdom.

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as Within, so Without,

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with   Tina

The gateway to timeless Primordial Earth Wisdom, The Akashic archives and Source Magic of energy, elements and herbs.

Individual sessions, Regression therapy, channeled Meditations and Sourcery with Tina and her connection to the Prime Dragon Collective, Divine Source Feminine consciousness and Earth Elders activating your Soul potential and restoring the balance of MIND, BODY and SOUL.


as the Universe, so the Soul.

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OneFlame Dimond 2021 LOGO.png

with Karl & Tina

OneFlame Soul Conversation

1 session
Insight into your current situation, agreements, imprints with guidence of the Star and Earth Elders.

Source Incubator

11 sessions - 6 months
Intense Soul retreaval and anchoring work with Karl, Tina and Source Aspects.

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"Life is an amazing string of moments you either enjoy to their fullest or not. The choice is yours. You should bring to your awarness, that the creatior of these moments is you, noone else can create them for you, for they don't hold the power to do so.

As you climb to the top of a hill, you yourself choose to watch the valley below either from one side only or the whole expanded view arround it. It is of your choosing, wether you'll descend using the same path you've ascended, another path or maybe even climb up another, higher hill.


Most of you choose to walk along the slope, some reach the top, but can't see the view beacuse of the fog, wind or maybe because of the sun, blinding you by it's brightness. You can't see the view, for you are blinded.

Well, Karl and Tina are only the wind, which clears up the fog; the thunderstorm, which brings clairty, but in no case we have sent them to live the lives of anyone else.


Feel the grattitude for your ascending and descending, the grattitude for the wind and the storms, which bring clairity and don't forget to take time enjoing the view from the top.

Don't forget to take time to live."



channeled by Karl in Challice Garden, Avalon, Sept.2019

more in our Blog



"I don't know how many stars are possible in a rating, but I give Karl and Tina all the stars in the sky. I have not had a better experience in 32 years and never dared to imagine it was possible. I highly recommend working with them. If you are looking for a shift within your awareness, they are the right people to turn to. I am eternally grateful for them being here and all the wisdom, they share."

Tjasa T.

"Tina and Karl, thank you from the depth of my heart. There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel. I'm so grateful for the space, the energies and the both of you, who are creating such an amazing space. And for all your support, guidance, insights, which move mountains on all levels. From the depth and the breadth, thank you."

Kaja K.

"Tina and Karl hold beautiful and healing space while guiding through your awakening. I have worked with so many energy healers and have never experienced such a deep transformation and feeling of connectedness to Source as I did when working inside the oneflame container. I definitely recommend working with them if it resonates."

Stephanie R.

"Tina & Karl, two beautiful souls who helped me achieve what I've been trying for many lifetimes here on Earth - to see through the illusion of this reality. I.e. to see and break through the illusion of polarities, specifically the illusion of fear, which was my biggest problem here on Earth that kept me stuck for so long. This has been my mission all along, through all lifetimes. It’s a lightworker’s dream. Thank you."

Afrodita M.

Contact us

Tina & Karl

Krčevina pri Vurbergu 10

2241 Sp. Duplek, Slovenija, EU


T: 070 899 682 (Tina)

T: 040 755 576 (Karl) 

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