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 tina: ribič

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Anu te Anu te tama Anu :


I am that I am from the timelessness of my

being into the here and now

With each moment I am remembering accepting

and becoming more of all that I am

And so it is


:  Anu te Anu te tama Anu!  :


I am that I am from the timelessness of my

being into the here and now,

With each moment I am remembering, accepting and becoming more of all that I am.

And so it is!


The timeless blueprints of each Soul carry unprecedented potentials, wisdom, knowing and talents, which one can anchor and live in this reality.


To some it is the power of awareness and selfrespect, the strength to hold their own boundaries and step out of ever repeating emotionally draining stories, situations and relationships.


To some it is the wisdom of healing their own energy body and with it their physical body as well as the wisdom of restoring and maintaining balance within their personal space ensuring a healthy body, mind and soul.


To some it is remembering and anchoring psychic abilities beyond the limited 5 senses of the human perception, which grasp merely a fractal of all there is and surrounds us.


To some it is the answer to their Soul's calling, guiding them beyond the boundaries of the human matrix into remembrance of their timeless wisdom of the Soul, energies, Primal Elements, Awareness of being, Divine Sovereignty and Power of Creation in the physical and nonphysical realms.


All of this and much more is the Divine Prime Right of each Soul. The only barrier between the Soul in a human body and its infinitive wisdom is made of beliefs, emotional scars and fears which keep us entrapped in the limitations of the human mind.


My work is that of guidance and support for those of you, who have chosen to remember all of that you have agreed and promised yourselves to do so in this lifetime. With the support of Source energies, aspects and guides I will direct you into perspectives, which open your sight to your distinct obstacles, those you have stopped in front of in this moment and those you can break through to carry on along your path of Awakening within the parameters your Source Self chooses to guide you through.

We live in incredible times and are honored to witness the human evolution of consciousness. Some of you might be in fear, some in confusion and many remembering your agreements to be the wayshowers for others that choose to follow.

No matter the emotional state or amount of work you have done untill now, we all need that guidance, nudge or insight to help us move on. 

With the connections I'm honored to hold, the Prime Dragon Collective, Earth Elders and many aspects of the Divine Faminine I can help you open the full potential of your next step, which you are the one to take.

Thank you for being here. If you decide to choose a session, do so by going into your heart and respondning to the one calling out to you.

With uncompromised honor, love and respect,




Insight into Soul's Blueprints

Connection with Source Self and Guides

Regression and Trauma Therapy

Healing of Mind, Body and Soul


Energy healing therapy

Restoring Balance

Life Force activation

Breaking through emotional Imprints

Dusni reading.jpg

Conversation on the Soul Level

Answers and Guidance

New perspective of Self and Life

Expanding Awareness



Recorded channeled Meditations avaliable in mp3 for specific energy & consciousnes work



Homemade natural incense and magical tools to support, protect and boost your personal magic, energy and healing arts

dragon hill Portal_Triskele_2021_edited.

Personal Birth Elements

Herbs of Power and Strenght

Personal incense blend

Channeld Message by the Dragon Collective



Connection & Wisdom


A message from the Prime Dragon Collective, channeled by Tina on 8.8.2018.


It's a clear activation for those who are in connection with the Prime Dragons and in this present times it's weight is growing in significance, emplifyng the importance of conscious choice and energy work in clear absence of fear.

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