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Point of Authenticity

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Just before we enetered, we found ourselves lost, a sensation all too familiar, never enough to be sufficient to ourselves.

Point of Authenticity is the first of the "Soul Mastery" sessions trilogy.


The essence of our being, whether referred to as the soul, energy, or the "I Am," had been abducted just before taking on a physical form.


An identity was bestowed upon it by the matrix, aligning it with the identity of the already abducted earthly family.


Ancestral imprints, matrix patterns, a physical body entangled in imprints, and echoes of the Akashic records!


The concept of free will becomes but an abstract idea, and there isn't even a memory of it.


Originally, the soul's energy was destined to inhabit a pure earthly vessel, evolving in harmony with the Creator's design, or in

essence, with itself.


However, reality unfolds differently. The Source blueprint never activates by itself, for it immediately becomes property of this program upon entering the physical body.


In this transformative energy method, we journey to the Point of Authenticity, just moments before it becomes the Now!

From this point onward, the Evolution of the Source Soul Blueprint begins with the activation of energy.

This therapy is intended for those, who sense it's call and choose to respond.


Duration of this session: 2 – 3 hours

Avaliable in person or online.


Energy exchange: 222,00 EUR

To schedule your Point of Authenticity session with Karl, write to: 

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