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Understanding the Source concept of the

Divine Masculine

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The Source/Divine Masculine Energy is the energy of the Avatar. No, not the blue being, it's a male being, which carries the wisdom of the Source within and is aware of himself and of the Source/Divine Feminine energy.

The earthly masculine energy has been created with the intention of destroying the Source Feminine creative energy. Why? Because that’s what corresponds to everything that functions in the Earth’s parameters of “normal”.

What is normal in the mind of an earthly male?

That he has a female slave on his side. That he can own a harem alongside his family. That such a harem and this kind of male world functions in self-sustainability. Meaning, he takes credit of other people’s work, prides himself with female trophies and the life works out for him in all its earthly glory.


Why than, would one even think about change?

As long as the earthly female energy feels unworthy and powerless on his side, it's creating and sustaining his comfort zone. In case he encounters a new female energy, which vibrates on his hunter frequency, she will be immediately invited into his harem and very quickly turned into prey and a trophy.


In rare cases she might even outsmart him. That’s when her energy holds and uncompromised male frequency that is stronger than his. What follows is an unavoidable blood vendetta. In times like this, his whole harem will suffer under the rage of his wounded earthly male energy.


The Source Masculine energy is far from this “reality”. It is so far from this Earth-bound way of existence that it is not perceivable by neither the self-confident nor the unselfconfident female energy.


This Source Masculine is an energy that never felt at home on Earth and never had been intended to. It always held the awareness that it's copy on earth is so flawed, that it could never replace the original.


How could it know that? Because it never lost the awareness of Self. It had never separated itself from the Source. It had been present in few chosen male bodies, always in clear awareness of its origin, which it had never truly left.

It's arrival in the present time was with one intention – to anchor the Source Life Energy in its wholeness, together with its other whole (not part of) – the Source Feminine Energy, which is anchoring into a chosen female body.


The Source Flame unites them, for it has never burned in two separated fires, but only in it's One Source Flame existence.

The Source Masculine energy is aware of the unique existence of the One Flame. It is also aware that there is only one Source Feminine Energy and their experience of separation is unique to this Earth’s reality.

The Source Masculine arrives, when the Source Feminine awakens.

When both are present and reunited, the One Flame lights up.

With uncompromised respect,

Karl, Tina & One Flame

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