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Cardinal Points

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An individual energy transformative method that tackles the ties that hold us in the illusion of patterned programs, keeping us ensnared in a seemingly comfortable zone, which in reality leads to stagnation and dissatisfaction.

Any situation that causes us trauma, whether it's in our fundamental imprint or one inherited through our maternal or paternal ancestral lines, can be directed through a process of disconnection into a transformation and later transmutation process.

Therapy takes place on an individual basis, where, during the conversation, we identify the situation, give it shape – energy, place that defined form into the matrix field, and only then do we start accelerating the frequency of that form, initiating the disconnection process.

Individual therapy begins with the decision to work on oneself, setting a timeframe, which is simultaneously a part of the cardinal points – as there is no matrix without time and space.


The purpose of working through this method, a product of intense self-work related to emotional family patterns, earthly records, Akashic agreements, intergalactic records, and, of course, the individual's Original Soul Records, is to offer a slightly different approach to self-improvement alongside the Soul Constellation, when the call for change is somewhat different.


Soul Constellation is intended for those who perceive the primary call at a more soulful level, while the Cardinal Points are for those who truly want to shift their life situation, primarily tied to the earthly level.


This also means simultaneously establishing a connection between the temporary physical world and the eternal world of the soul.

Each of us approaches this in a unique way, with the beginning and perspective depending on the individual's perception. The start is always the start, and the end is always the end.

If this approach to self-improvement resonates with you, please reach out to:


Duration of this session: 2 – 3 hours

Avaliable in person or online.


Energy exchange: 222,00 EUR

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