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Comprehending the concept of 


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What do you understand by the word Source?

From an earthly point of view, this word carries the vibration of something bad. Too often, this word has been used in connection with harmful radiation, disease, fractures, etc.


One Flame originally means the Source Flame, hence the Source of Life, the Source of All That Is. This does not necessarily mean the Source of something bad, since everything is separated to good and bad only here on Earth.

The Source Knowledge that we provide you, and which we have been living on from the Source, is merely the knowledge of something that is clear and unconditional.


Clear and unconditional means acting in respect and appreciation of the personal space of yourself and other people, and when that becomes a way of awareness, you will understand what we are living and creating.


This requires radical changes in the way we live, in relation to ourselves and others in our perception of life, and this is what we call the path of self-awareness.


All this and more is part of the path of self-awareness, which is the Source Path and is eternal. Every earthly path is fleeting.


The Source Knowledge, clarity and wisdom is the art of living life and not vegetating and giving space to everyone around you to do whatever they please. But at the same time, it means a clear perception of the boundaries of your personal space and a proper reaction to unauthorized entry.


What is unauthorized entry? When you are on the Source Path of Self-Awareness, you have an increasingly established boundary built from uncompromisingly compassionate action based on the appreciation and respect of yourself and others.


However, since most people do not understand the word self-awareness, they have replaced it with the male energy of self-confidence, and the unappreciation and disrespectfulness of Earth's male energy towards the female is an everyday reality.


But the happy news in our work is that we are directing you to the path of self-awareness. We connect you to the Source, that is, to yourselves, since we all originate from somewhere.


And then life makes sure that the earthly illusion daily shows you the contrasts that, unlike before, you now perceive and see. And guess what? They start bothering you.


You no longer accept it as normal if your husband neglects you, cheats on you, beats you. You no longer accept that you are being harassed by other men or even by some woman who has been moving in the corrupted earthly energy for too long, but you have an increasingly stronger established limit.


And you realize that this is your path and your life.


This is the Source Truth, which of course in our work with you is just beginning to anchor into your physical body.


With uncompromised respect,


Tina & Karl

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