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Soul Mastery


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Becoming the master of your soul is similar to truly becoming the Lord of the Rings.

Why? Because it signifies embarking on the path of freedom. However, this is a daunting prospect for the human body and the abducted energy of the soul.


The series of three workshops - Soul Mastery Trilogy - consists of three individual energy transformative methods:

  • POINT OF AUTHENTICITY - the last point you've been whole, just before the entry of your energy into the program of births and deaths, reincarnation, and abduction before the possibility of living your purpose.

  • CARDINAL POINTS - we touch upon the fundamental cardinal points, which are the points of entanglement in the program of captivity, stagnation, and earthly patterns. We give them shape, speed, direction of rotation, i.e., frequency, so that the disconnection processes from the program, which is the foundation of powerlessness, unworthiness, and invisibility, begin to unfold.

  • SOUL CONSTELLATION - an energy transformative method for aligning your temporary earthly positioning with the original Source Soul positioning.

Avaliable in person or online.


Energy exchange: 555,00 EUR

To schedule your Soul Mastery Trilogy with Karl, write to: 

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