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Understanding the Source concept of the

Divine Femnine


Now there's a story, which had been interpreted in countless ways, due to the difference in perceptions, awareness, and of course, a large part due to the interests of people, institutions and the system.


The Divine/Source Feminine energy had been interpreted mainly as a woman, who is self-confident in appearance and functions based on the expectations of men. You might be aware, or maybe not, when looking into Earth's story of the Source and the original sin, being the story of Adam and Eve, you might notice the guilty one, who incorporated duality into the human mind. The story tells us about Eve seducing Adam, who is the only true creator, since God is male and the woman by his side is meant to serve him, to wash his feet as Mary Magdalen did for Jeshua, or so the story goes.


The Source Feminine energy's primary earthly presentation is that of Lilith, which few know of, since the system through its religious institutions re-interpreted it according to its needs.


At this moment of reality, it is time for the Source feminine to step up, together with the Source Masculine, and in union they will shine, shift and illuminate the way.


The women of this Earth carry the essence of Source, yet have lost the awareness of it by their lineage of ancestors through the illusion of separation, duality, powerlessness, unworthiness, subjugation…


This earthly female energy has nothing in common with the Source essence of the feminine, for it is female only by its physical appearance. And based on the duality of this reality, it doesn't vibrate on anything connected to Source.

Self-confident women do not represent the true role model for other women. Their self-confidence is based on their cooperation with Earth’s male energy and they function in tune with it. Meaning, their exitance is based on manipulation, proving oneself, exerting power over others…

Essentially, it is the only way for them to survive and create an illusion of self-awareness, being self-confident.

The foundation of the whole Earth story is based on the separation from the Source, which birthed fear, loneliness, disconnection and lead to the dishonorable, corrupt interactions between the male and female energy on Earth.


Most of you women don't feel self-confident, strong, even less so worthy. Yet this is the beginning or the first stage of awakening of the awareness that something is not right.


History has encoded the female DNA with the belief-frames of unworthiness and powerlessness. But the time to remember the Source Feminine codes within you and integrate them into your physical body has arrived.

The path of the Source Feminine Energy is a path of self-awareness, not the path of the earthly self-confidence. It is the path you have walked upon since your departure from the Source up until this present moment, in which you are reading these words.


Do not allow yourself to fall into fear and think “who am I, to be worthy of this awareness, when all the others don't remember”.


If that reflects your thought patterns you are on your path to self-confidence, if of course you manage to finish your NLP course or the course of the Law of attraction. And this is that same path of serving the expectations of Earth’s male energy.


You no longer need to spend time searching for a path. This exact path right now has been yours since the beginning. Just turn around and follow your own trail back home. You know all the traps, turns, climbs, descents and you will walk it with ease, you won’t make any wrong turns or get stuck as you did while walking to this moment.


Just remember yourself, your own Source Feminine Essence, which is not a goddess, but The Goddess, to which her

unique path will be revealed.


And while on it, your Source Flame will burn so fiercely, all the hyenas and wolves of this Earth will shy off and what it will attract is your true soul mate. Not the other half, but the other whole, you have agreed to unite with, once you remember.

With uncompromised respect,

Karl, Tina & One Flame

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