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Dragon Crone Reading

Elemental Alchemy & Soul Message
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The wisdom of the Soul can express itself in many languages, one of them is the language of the Elements.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water and the Source/Life Energy are the prime elements of all there is in our reality. Every object, being, plant caries these five elements within their blueprint. How they interact, affect or connect to one another, defines the vessel, into which a soul anchor itself.


Water element represents its vibration of Wisdom,

Fire element, its power of creation,

Earth element, its strength to anchor and manifest that which it creates,

Air element, it's skills to communicate and express itself.


These five elements, together with further two, which are also part of this physical reality – Time and Space – represent the earthly blueprint of every soul. When the prime elements are in balance, the full source/divine potential of the Soul can anchor onto the physical and the conscious level. When they’re out of balance, this anchoring is obstructed.

Imbalance expresses itself in many ways, for example: being unable to create, communicate clearly or manifest within the full parameters of one’s soul's potential. Imbalance also manifests itself through physical disease, discomfort or pain.

We can activate the elements, support them or restore their balance through energy work and with the help of herbs. Each herb and plant has its own distinct energetic imprint and correspondence to one of the prime elements.

Wisdom of the prime elements, which is part of the Source/Ancient Earthly wisdom, is part of my own Soul's blueprint. I have brought it into my conscious awareness through connecting to my Akashic archives. The immense potential of this wisdom, what one can achieve, create or manifest with it, is far from what humans are able to comprehend. To put it into earthly terms, it includes cellular reconstruction on the physical level and deep healing and activation of one's Source potential on the energy level.


This is the Wisdom I apply in all my work and part of it is offered to you through the Dragon Crone Reading.


What you'll receive is the information about your primary Soul element, your element of Power; about the herbs you can use to bring yourself into balance and support it in the current stage of your life and the personal channeled message for you and your Soul from the Prime Dragon Collective, with the intention to guide you a step closer to understanding your True Self, your emotions and actions and/or a situation you have caught yourself in.


The reading will be sent to you in written form via regular mail along with a package of your own unique PERSONAL INCENSE blend made of sacred resins and herbs grown in our Dragon Hill Garden. I grow and care for my herbs with all my love, honor and respect as well as under guidance of the Earth Elders and the energy known to me as the Dragon Crone. The Incense will support the energy process activated by the reading.


To receive your Dragon Crone Reading, write to

Please write your date and hour of birth and the address you'd like to recieve it at.

Energy exchange: 77,00 eur


"I realy recomend this reading. Every now and than I get back to it and read it through, so I wouldn't forget. It touches my heart every single time." - M.K.

"A must have for every earth shaman or green witch, practicing or at heart." - T.A.

"The message from the Dragons is right on point. It helped me remember not to dimsiss my intuition. And the elements and herbs information is simply priceless, I'm discovering new levels of wisdom and strenght through them. Thank you from my Heart!" - M.Z.

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