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One Flame Soul Conversation

session with Karl and Tina


One Flame Soul Conversation is an insight into the levels of the soul that are most often completely invisible to human perception.


We only perceive them in the really brief moments of time, when we realize that there is no time and that the entire duration of this life and the duration of the soul's journey consists of moments and spaces between them.

In these moments we realize that we are completely limited by our mind, analyzing, thinking.

That's when the questions arise. Questions that are meant to remind us of the answers, to remind us of the agreements, to remind us of ourselves.

One Flame Soul Conversation is a unique insight into the Source records of the soul, and the response that is conducted through us is transformative and adds a new depth to the limited mind. Thus the frame expands, it does not fall apart. This is your job, in the human body – to break the illusion of frames and free ourselves from the chains we are trapped in on earth.


Who are we channeling or who is guiding the insights meant for you in these sessions? Your aspects, which are scattered all the way from the Source to the moment you are in, you are aware of yourself and ask a question.


One Flame is a story of oneness, uniqueness, wholeness, infinity, an endless range of the awareness of the soul of who he/she is and where his/her home is.


Transformation is something that on Earth means change into something else and, yes, transformation is something that carries the vibration of constant change.


After getting insight into the breath of your soul, constant change is inevitable. Rejoice in it, for you are rejoicing in the Source Record of Life, which will give you directions for your future journey.

We translate the answers as the eternal One Flame, constantly remembering our path.

Do not expect answers in the answers, but the miracle of life as it was intended for you upon departure, now that you are on your arrival.

One Flame Soul Conversation with Karl & Tina is avaliable in person or on-line (Zoom).


To schedule your reading write to:

Duration: 1,5 - 2  hours

Energy exchange: 222,00 EUR



“It took me quite a while to finally make my decision to book a soul conversation with Tina, even though my soul has been calling for it for a while. Deep inside I felt I would not be able to return to my old ways after this experience and in a way I kept holding on to the old and familiar. The moment of our meeting awakened my memory of my Source power and strength, which I've surrendered into the hands of others during this earthly life.

Now, one week after my reading, serious changes are taking place in my life – people, energy, situations I used to allow, I can't do so any longer. All my life I've tried to face the challenge of setting boundaries, now it all comes more and more naturally and uncompromisingly (a concept, I'm finally starting to understand).

Tina's authenticity is so divinely genuine. I truly recommend to work with her, if, of course, you are prepared to take your life into your own hands and start a serious transformation process, from the inside out. The information and insights you'll receive are never falls hopes or exaggerated optimism. With their simple Truth, they penetrate exactly where they need to, to awaken forgoten memories of your true Source nature. If only you allow yourself to loosen your grip, to open the cage of your own control and allow the possibility, that there's way more than your mind is capable to grasp in this moment.” - A.

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