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Soul Constellation

with the 12 Pillars of Source Creation


Based on my energy-work experience, especially through my unique method of SOUL CONSTELATION, I would like to share the following with you:


On an earthly level, the Soul Constellation session reveals exactly what it is, that is holding you back from making a step forward, from overcoming an »obstacle«, which is only reflecting your own perception of a situation. By revealing this, it activates old and stale energies within your physical body and your energy field.

At the same time, on a soul level, you are guided into the »desired« direction and placed onto the spot that is rightfully yours.

In the moment of scheduling your session, your entire universe starts to move and change in order to enable your energy to be placed into its intended constellation during the session.


All energy levels are present: guides, ancestors, Source energies and more, depending on your soul's origin and your next step in life.


It is a transformative energy method, which, from a soul's point of view, enables you to make an effective shift into the direction of your highest intention.


How does it work?


The session is intuitively guided and it's unfolding depends on the individual. It works through transformative conversation, guided meditation, if needed and a method of direct constellation into energies, which need to be activated to be released.


It is an intense experience. It takes serious work before, during and after the session, which you are ready for, if you’ve scheduled the session. If you are not prepared for your life to change, you will not choose this method. This is not a session you come to out of curiosity. We will only meet if your soul says YES.

A message from the Source energy:

»The Soul will stand ALONE, learning and experiencing the expansiveness of existence through the consciousness of an individual as a part of all there is and all there is as an individual, until it reaches the level of awareness of unity and oneness. At that point, it reaches a level of no levels in space beyond space and in time beyond time. THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF EACH SOUL, RESIDING IN THIS HUMAN REALITY AT THIS MOMENT, which IS COMING FROM ETERNITY and RETURNING INTO ETERNITY.«


Duration of this session: 2 – 3 hours

Avaliable in person or online.


Energy exchange: 222,00 EUR

To schedule your Soul Constellation session with Karl, write to: 



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