About Us

We are two souls, who have agreed to show people in this reality the direction in which their souls are heading. You could say we are some kind of lighthouses; we light up the path of your soul and show you that there is another way, another option, one you might not have dared to consider possible in this life.


We are Tina and Karl, we found each other after a long journey apart, recognised each other’s souls and continued together on the path of One Flame – the flame of Source.

One Flame is a new and unique path we are creating, with the intention to present you with source wisdom and clarity – to support you in your process of awakening, of self-awareness, and to deepen your connection with your true Source Self.

We translate pure Source knowledge, which is based on self-awareness, honour and the respect for oneself.

We are here to show you that it is possible to honour and respect yourself and shift your vibration to a new level of existence.

We have spent our entire lives thorn between our perceptions, what felt right to us and the way the society around us functioned, being mostly entangled in manipulation, pretence, personal interests and disrespect.

The way we work is the opposite of that and this is our way – a way that is in tune with what we know and perceive in our essence as normal.


For what feels like eternity - the past three years - we've been working as clear conduit channels of the Source energies, absent of all earthly filters. That is also what makes us unique, as unique as our path, and so is yours, once you are ready to perceive and acknowledge it!

Tina Dubrovnik

Tina's Story

"I've been on my Source path since childhood, it has been a path that has left me feeling different, lonely and searching for something familiar, recognisable. Though I have sensed it now and then, now I’ve finally found it.

My Sessions are activating and anchoring self-awareness, connecting my clients to their Source Self. I focus on women, on the activation of the Source Feminine energy in the human collective. I am a conduit for anchoring and integrating the Source Feminine from many known and unknown realities.


These are Source energies of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, England…the pure wisdom lineage of the Priestesses of Isis, Avalon, Mary Magdalene and many more.


I translate and activate Source codes of Grace, unconditional love and self-awareness that work through a pure direct connection to the Source. They are aimed to trigger and shift your awareness closer to the Source level.

I'm not here to give you earthly stories, I'm not into Karma, my vibration is tuned to Source consciousness."


Karl's Story

"Primarily a Blue Ray, aware of the Source Truth, Source Power of Protection, honour and respect for all beings since I've arrived in this body. Mainly aware and with the unconditional respect for the Source Feminine Energy, which is a trait that is almost non-existent among the men on this planet.

All that one can observe in relationships between men and women is a constant battle of power over the other – clearly an expression of disrespect.



To hold the space for the Source Feminine is a large part of my life’s purpose, so she can express her beauty, strength, wisdom and grace – her uncompromised and unconditional essence.

My path was not an easy one – full of pain and isolation. Yet as such, it was a path of self-awareness and not one of self-confidence.


But it led me here, onto my path with Tina, my soul mate, who is an expression of the Source and that of the One Flame.

My energy work and sessions are based on Source power, wisdom and clarity.

Together with Tina, we bring you the Source awareness of unity, oneness, respect and honor."


The energy of One Flame is one that has not yet been present in this reality, not in this clear form, unaffected by human conditioning. We are anchoring it in the here and now for you to reconnect and remember your Soul's essence.

A lot of information and insights are still arriving, and we will share it with you. There will be continuous transmissions. You have the chance to work with us in a private session in person or online, and we will keep you posted with the Source wisdom updates on our Youtube channel, Facebook and the OneFlame Blog.

With ucompromised respect,

Karl & Tina 

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