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The Story

Why One Flame and not a Twin? 


Why Unity and Self-awareness?


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This time we are bringing the Source truth into this reality, the truth of your own eternal flame, which flickers and sometimes even lights up in each and every one of you. The story of OneFlame is the story of the Source flame, burning like the Olympic Fire on the mountain dwelling of the Gods.


The original intent of unity awareness on Earth has been manipulated since the beginning of this Earth's reality. How? By someone, the first of many who followed, who arrived at the mountain of Gods and stole a part of the eternal flame.


Carrying the burning torch, he returned to the valley, to his people, as a hero. But, this fragment of the Source flame did not last long, it didn't illuminate the way or the highest peaks.

Yet, an unstoppable desire to own this “power” had been awakened amongst the humans. A need to possess and own what was not theirs. The Gods could have extinguished it with ease, but they left the destiny of people to their own free will.


For this flame they have taken, had not been the Source flame – all that remained was a flame on a torch. It did not burn with the intent to light up the way for the souls of humans and to guide them out of their darkness. It burned out of greed and need for power. And it burned stronger with time, for humanity’s greed became its fuel.


Everyone who followed and stole a part of it, by lighting a torch and running away, stole nothing but a copy of a copy of the original.


One Flame had never left from the Source, not even as the tiniest part of itself; it remains burning bright in its Source wholeness. It still burns in the dwelling of the Gods as ONE FLAME. There are merely a handful of humans, who have access to it. These are the rare souls, who are disconnected from the earthly karmic stories and adventures.

In the eyes of these souls you will not find greed as they gaze upon the One Flame. They feel no need for power. What you will find in their eyes is respect and honor for themselves and the souls they encounter.

The copy of the One Flame traveled this Earth. Many torches have been lit since the first one, but all have and still are burning fueled by greed.


That is how the story of the Twin Flame came into existence. A beautiful story, yet a copy of the original, fueled by the wrong intent, missing respect and honor.


Twin Flame holds a message of separation, of duality, a copy of a copy.


No one can copy what we do, no matter how hard one might try. One Flame cannot be extinguished, nor can it be separated. Only a fake one can be divided.


We work with the Source Flame, the original one, which burns within each one of you. The only thing it needs is fuel. What this fuel is, is unique and to be discovered by each individual. What it certainly isn't – the path or a copy of a path of someone else.


It is your own path of self-awareness. Our work is to direct you to it. After that, you will continue following your path on your own.


How we have arrived at the One Flame is another story, which we might share at another time. What is certain and aware to the two of us is the fact that it is an eternal story, evolving beyond time and space.


Our services, readings, therapies, channelings, texts and other content we share carry a strong transformative vibration. They work beyond time and space and hold an unlimited connection to each of your unique paths.


The difference of its effect is in the intent you choose to visit or connect with us. If our content, texts, events, the sacred space behind the Red Door or even our presence awakens greed in you, or the need of possessing “power”, then you are on the path to the wrong mountain.


If that is the flame you are looking for, you can find anywhere, maybe even in your closest supermarket. No matter how good or tempting it might seem, it is a fake.


If your intentions are pure, you will receive transformative energy support from both of us and the Source One Flame that had been entrusted to both of our souls, united in uncompromised awareness.


This is the only path of a soul, on which a woman can choose to call herself a Goddess, if need be, and a man can name himself a King.


Yet as you shall discover, after our work is done and you have been directed onto your path, this need will vanish from your perception, for, as you step onto your path of self-awareness, all earthly needs and proving yourself disappear. All that remains is your own clear space.


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