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Blue Diamond  Portal 
karl: ribič

BlueDiamond Portal

Why did I choose to follow this path, one that has no direction, no beginning and no end?

The call of the Soul is eternal and as I was leaving, I knew I would be constantly remembering, just as I am constantly departing and arriving.

I do believe that there will come that moment in which I'll reach the awareness, that I never truly traveled anywhere. But that is a matter of individual consciousness.


As a representative of the »wise ones«, I am here to share the wisdom with insights into the sacred levels of the Soul, hidden from the world we live in.


I'm here to guide Souls through my method of Soul Constellation.


I'm here to shift the manipulated genetic imprint of my own physical body and tune it in with the frequency of Source.


I'm here to help Source energies enter the lower realm worlds, so they can transmute the so called »lower astral« and

irreversibly remove it from the Source code of the human body.


I'm here to heal the broken energy imprints of people and create a safe space for the soul to integrate into the physical body.


I'm here to guide souls through the labyrinth of earthly Karma.


I'm here to navigate between dimension, through time and space into the Zero Point – a space beyond time and space, for this is the only way for the physical body to completely activate and integrate all of the Source imprints of the huma code, as it had been intended.


I'm here to live this life with my soul partner.


I'm here for you to find me, for I AM even when I'm not here.


This portal will guide you to insights and energies the soul needs to find and keep its connection to the physical body and to become the navigator and creator of its own life.


As you connect with me, you connect with Source, which is the connection to YourSelf.


You're welcome to discover Yourself and reach a level of remembrance you haven’t encountered on this earthly plane before.




OneFlame Dimond 2021 LOGO.png
tocka avtenticnosti org.jpg

Transformative energy session for children and their parents.

Kardinalne točke org.jpeg

Clear channeled message for your Soul from your intergallactic connections, collectives and guides. 


A transformational session through conversation and energy activation, placing your Soul onto it's intended constellation.

gospodar duse org.jpeg

A transformational session through conversation and energy activation, placing your Soul onto it's intended constellation.


Personal Soul Conversation with guidance and answers to your questions.


OneFlame Dimond 2021 LOGO.png
Karl Ribič
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Karl Ribič
Order by mail
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Karl Ribič
Zemlje Podzemlje
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OneFlame Dimond 2021 LOGO.png


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