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Dragon Hill Alchemy

Wisdom of Isis

DragonHIll Incense blend


Experience the Divine Feminine with Wisdom of Isis incense. Our natural incense is perfect for those seeking to connect with wisdom and spirituality. The mesmerizing smell of this incense will transport you to another realm, enhancing your meditation or relaxation practices.

It awakens the soul from the matrix spell into the rememberance of it's Divine Source Femine flame of Wisdom.

Supports your work of stepping out of the imprinted Princess wounds and begining the Wounded Priestess path of healing.


Serves as a powerfull envocation tool for Divine Feminine aspects - Isis, Inanna, Lilith, Magdalene, Sekhmeth, Kali.

Order now and discover the power of Isis.

Price: 12,00 eur / 40 ml


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One Flame Incense is handmade by Tina, consisting of home grown herbs and sacred resins. The recepies are guided by Source and it's aspects creating blends of fragrances that touch your Soul by triggering the memory of your Divine Source Self, Higher Frequencies and Life Energy.

The herbs will wisper to you, choose the right blend by listening.

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