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Dragon Hill Alchemy

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Dragon's Blood Oil

DragonHIll Oil blend



Dragon's Blood resin oil is a highly potent energy protection and amplifier of energy work.


It holds the vibration of the FIRE element.


Its power is amped up with the essential oil of Patchouli, which also gives the oil its mesmerizing magical elemental scent.


Suggestions for use:

° Rub a few drops of the Dragon's Blood oil onto the palms of your hands or your soles – in this way it will act as powerful protection (at work, in meetings, in big crowds, at family gatherings,…)

° Anoint your energy/magical tools with the oil to enhance their power (candles, incense, amulets, wands,…)

° To enhance your energy powers and connection to higher realms, anoint your palms and/or forehead (before energy work, therapy, healing, channeling, meditation,...)

Price: 10 ml - 12,00 eur  /  50 ml - 55,00 eur  /  100 ml - 111,00 eur


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One Flame Incense is handmade by Tina, consisting of home grown herbs and sacred resins. The recepies are guided by Source and it's aspects creating blends of fragrances that touch your Soul by triggering the memory of your Divine Source Self, Higher Frequencies and Life Energy.

The herbs will wisper to you, choose the right blend by listening.

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