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Dragon Hill Alchemy


TIAMAT - Mother of Dragons

DragonHIll Incense blend



Our incense is not for the faint of heart...


One Flame's Tiamat invokes the Divine Feminine energy of the Red Dragon Mother presence, creating a clear connection with her ancient wisdom and insight.


This scent is specifically designed to be strong and intense, perfect for those looking for an extra level of protection and focus during their meditation or spiritual practices.


This scent is not just a fragrance, it is a tool, meant to help you access your inner strength and wisdom, guiding you through challenging life situations. 

When invoking Tiamat, be aware, she does not tolerate shallow excuses or avoiding responsibility. Do not diminish the received insights or she will respond with silence.

As with all connections, remember to invoke it with Respect and Honor.

Price: 12,00 eur / 40 ml


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One Flame Incense is handmade by Tina, consisting of home grown herbs and sacred resins. The recepies are guided by Source and it's aspects creating blends of fragrances that touch your Soul by triggering the memory of your Divine Source Self, Higher Frequencies and Life Energy.

The herbs will wisper to you, choose the right blend by listening.

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