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Dragon Hill Alchemy



DragonHIll Incense blend


This secred scent of Ancient Egiptian Temples is prepared acording to the traditional ancient method and recipe with a blend of 22 energy activated elements. Its unique preparation process spans three full moons starting with a powerful lunar eclipse, resulting in a blend which tunes your frequnecy to your timeless Source consciousness triggering your process of remembering your own true Self.

Burning Kiphy creates an immersive experiance opening portals of your Soul...

»The connection with Source wisdom, aspects, collectives,…can take place in all undistorted clarity only in a state of awareness, that you are one with and equal to these energies. In the divine Source state of presence 'more' and 'less' is nonexistant, noone is above or below another, there's noone to serve and no one to rule over. By accepting yourself as a whole and in awareness of all that you are, you are an undisputed equal to all versions and manifestations of Source.

 In that moment of divine respect, devotion, grace, you'll recieve the inflow of knowing, wisdom and guidence you are searching for.«

- Isis

Price: 33,00 eur / 4 pcs


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Kiphy Temple Incense transcends the boundaries of ordinary scents. As you burn it, you'll find yourself transported to a sacred space where the knowledge of the ancients resides.

Bathed in the golden rays of the evening sun, the Temple's surroundings were suffused with the enchanting fragrance of sacred Kiphy. The beckoning allure of resins and herbs, infused with honey and wine, reached into the depths of every passing soul.

Those who heeded this call traversed a Portal into the Realm of Source Awareness, a repository of timeless wisdom, where connections flowed unrestricted by the constraints of time, space, fear or doubt familiar to earthly minds.

The Soul ventured into the clarity of its own timeless existence, predating Egypt, Atlantis, or Mu, arriving at a state of prime awareness encompassing the entirety of existence, of all there is.

Unlock the secrets of forgoten ancient wisdom and connect with the divine feminine energy with this unique Kiphy Temple Incense. Elevate your spiritual practices, transcend time and space, and embark on a transformative journey that links you with the rich heritage of Egypt. Embrace the whispers of the past, and let them guide you on your path of rememberance.

Proces of creating Kiphy in Tina's Alchemy kitchen on Dragon Hill.

One Flame Incense is handmade by Tina, consisting of home grown herbs and sacred resins. The recepies are guided by Source and it's aspects creating blends of fragrances that touch your Soul by triggering the memory of your Divine Source Self, Higher Frequencies and Life Energy.

The herbs will wisper to you, choose the right blend by listening.

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