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A Letter to Source

Most humans on Earth never truly live through a carefree childhood. It's simply not possible - seems like it's nothing we've expected. We are not ready and the parents are not either - although the point is not in "being ready", it is just in BEING.

What follows is the letter of a star child, writing home to Source, wanting the SOURCE TO KNOW what is happening on planet Earth, before he "forgets" his TRUE BEING.


I am here. I am finally here. I've just arrived and started to forget already, so I could experience this life. That's why I'm writing right away, it might never happen again from my reality, or maybe many times over and over. You know this concept of time is not as logical here as it had been given to me before my arrival. They don't sense it. Time is not for this reality on Earth, as space is not – the people here are lost and wondering in something they call the "darkness". What is that? I don't remember us talking about it before you've sent me here.

My first contact with my parents was not pleasant at all. Yes, it's true, my mother's love welcomed me here - human love - but, you know, that's NOT IT! That is not love at all - it's loneliness, sadness, expectation - I am not a child - here I am HOPE. They expect me to save them, that I will be the one showing them the way out of the "darkness". I can't feel that. I'm so happy to still remember the feeling of oneness, love, the unconditional being of you Father.

I can't remember we’ve ever talked about suffering?? Might I have forgotten it all? Not yet, I think. Humans like to suffer, they think that's just how it is. My earth mother and father are suffering, they don't feel themselves, they don't feel no one else. What's truly unique is, that they are blaming other souls, including me, for being unhappy. Remember when we talked about how I'd see a honey orange flame in each earthly body and know the soul standing in front of me - it's interesting, I don't see much of this flame - you've called it the eternal flame - IT'S NOT HERE.

Could it be, that you've sent me to another planet?

They tell me I need to go to school. Great, but you know, there they don't teach nothing of what you have thought me - of eternity, grace, respect, honor....

They teach of frames - I have no idea what that is - but I don't like these people on Earth, because of their frames. And the ones who teach, they don't have the eternal flame, few of them carry a spark.

You told me I'd light up the flame in people, so there would be more of these souls once I leave.

All the time and space YOU put into this dimension, it shows itself in a completely different form - how can I make them understand that time and space are just concepts? They don't listen to me anyway, they can't hear us.

I think it's best that I just forget for some of this earth "time" who I am and where I' m coming from. But when my TIME comes, please remind me WHO I AM, then it will be easier.

Here they even have a machine they call a "watch", it measures time and they have machines to measure space. They teach this in schools too. They teach of something that does not exist and what does, they don't see.

They even measure worth in time - the energy is called "money" and they pay for each hour of their life here on Earth.

I must tell you I miss the conversations with you and please help me remember where to find you, when I need you. Until then I'll just sleep a bit and talk to myself.

I hope, once I'm a "parent" to a soul here on Earth, I will become a child again myself and remember what we have talked about.

Do tell the souls, that are on their way here, it's not easy. The energy is very "dense" and here they all think they can feel. BUT THAT'S NOT IT!

And please do write a new program for Earth, one without TIME and SPACE - or just offer it as an OPTION, to those who really want to suffer and spin in something they call the "wheel of time and space - KARMA".

Until the moment we hear and see each other again - I am embracing you in eternity.


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