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Humanity is suffering from trauma, PTSD and a severe case of dementia. All of these cause disconnection from the Source Self or Higher Self on the soul level and lack of common sense on the human level.

The masculine and feminine principle are out of balance fighting for power to rule one over the other internally just as externally.

The result of this disconnected imbalance state is an internal battle of each individual reflecting onto the outside reality.

To keep this state of chaos, the dark agenda mad minds profiting of it, are fueling the internal battles by waging a war on humanity with information and weaponized individuals who have sold their souls blinded by golden traps, ready to confirm and share nonsense, spreading fear and triggering negative emotional imprints.

Which would be a good thing if humans would acknowledge their negative imprints/beliefs and use the opportunity to clear them out of their energy bodies. As most are too lazy, they look and buy into instant solutions and miracle workers who claim to do it for them, yet they are the dark agenda ego driven minions, so not much is done, time and money is spent and the wheel of earth karma holds the masses in its loop draining them of their life energy.

To really work on negative emotional imprints, it takes more than "miracle hands". It is good to find a guide in physical body, but one who shows you that, which you are unable or reluctant to see and takes you through the process, not only on energy levels, but just as much on the conscious human level. One can not clear what one doesn't see and comprehend. Talking from experience, personal of 46 years, professional with clients over 10 years and 4 years of incredible work and anchoring of life wisdom into this reality together with my beloved Karl.

So, should you feel the need, the calling or nudge to awaken from this earthly traumatic reality onto higher quality levels of experiencing existence, please do yourself a favor, be prepared to do serious work and skip listening or buying into the instant bliss illusionists. There's one simple way to detect them - if they sound like news presenters, tv or radio show hosts, sales promotors, politicians and other trained nlp programmers, they're certainly not authentic and will sell you anything for their own gain and only for that.

I understand you are brainwashed into listening to beautiful perfect people who tell you exactly what you want to hear, but let that be your first challenge to step out of the chaos and start walking your true path of awakening.

Train yourself in differentiating those who practice their face expressions and tone of voice in front of the mirror and studying psychological marketing tricks from the authentic souls with clear voices and meaningful content. The authentic ones also won’t make you feel like you'll miss your best chance or die if you don't listen, as they're aware enough not to step into your space uninvited, manipulate or suck you dry of your energy.

I've been looking for teachers of life wisdom all my life. I've found the best in the most quiet and unexpected places and was always guided into their presence. What I've also learned is never to follow only one, listen to each as long as you learn, show gratitude and respect and move on. There's not one soul in this reality who knows it all, but quite a few who know a significant amount.

But do know, you'll find the greatest teacher staring back at you in the mirror, when you're ready to really look, not through wants and needs but with eyes of acceptance, wonder and respect.

Based on our life wisdom gathered and that remembered from our Soul level, Karl and I can guide others through serious shifts in their awakening process and do so without any manipulation or tricks as it is not part of our Soul's blueprint and to be honest, we've reached a level of wisdom to not choose such a responsibility, as we know and see how it breaks people, sooner or later.

You can discover more about our work on our website and allow yourself to be guided through its content by your intuition. If something calls out to you, contact us on, if it doesn't, be safe on your way.

With uncompromised love, honor and respect,

Tina, Karl & OneFlame

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