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To the Men who have Forgotten

You fear me, I can see it in your eyes, when they turn red and black in rage.

You fear me, I can feel it in your hands, when they grab me to destroy.

You fear me, I can hear it in your voice, when you're lies aim to demean me.

You fear me, I can see it in your mouth, when it tastes the power never yours to take.

You fear me, I can see it in your face, when you hear my calm voice say... I See You.

I see your heart, it knows the truth, it knows there's no escape from what your mind reflects, there is no time, no place, to hide.

You fear me. And it's ok.

I see you, I fear you not. It disappeard, the fear, the pain, for I see the truth.

There is no pain left for you to cause, I have endured it all, the pain of birth, the loss of her, who I have brought into this world.

For now I know, there is no loss, It's mearly an illusion of time and space, yet there is so much more.

Now it is your turn to learn. And its ok.

All you shall learn is Love.

The Mother

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