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A message from ANUBIS

I am the one you fear. I am the one you worship. I am the one who's power you are tempted to gain. I am the one of eternal beauty, in spite of your illusion of what you perceive my shape to be.

How do you think you can die and be born again? Only in physical form? You are not aware of the countless times I bring a soul across the river, which separates your physical world from the nonphysical, the spiritual.

Let me share something with you. Each time you choose to make a decisive step in your life, I am the one who guides you across. Each time you shift your vibration, let go of a burden, a belief, I am the one who guides you through.

The river I travel upon is merely an illusion of your thoughts and your world. This river is a creation of your perception of duality, polarity.

Do you think I only guide people across? No! I am a healer, an intergalactic shaman, a messenger of the Gods. The real Gods, not those you worship.

And if you choose to allow me to open your wounds, clean them and allow them to heal, they will do so, before your foot touches the firm ground of your reality, after sailing with me.

Everything that dies, I guide across and bring back in a different shape, perception and awareness.

So, what am I? I am the Keeper of Pportals. The one, who had been chosen to sail the borders in all eternity, as you perceive eternity to be, to sail across the river and make sure, that the old is presented into the hands of Gods and the new returns to your world.

You could say I hold the serum of immortality. The awareness of eternity, which is held only by rare souls, who sail with me and are truly aware of that, which you are letting go and that, which you are receiving.

Those rare souls among you are the descendants of Gods on Earth. You are no more and no less than other humans. Yet your magnificence and your form are recognized by me, your light is seen by Source.

Humans need to receive the awareness of immortality, which is the only key to the awareness of mortality and duality.

Are you ready to make your shift and to sail with me? There's always a seat available on my boat. Do you fear to get lost in the infinity of open space? Open space is

infinity, infinity is freedom and freedom is YOU.

See YOU on the next boat ride.


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