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DON'T FORGET TO LIVE - a message from Melchizedek

"Life is an amazing string of moments you either enjoy to their fullest or not.

The choice is yours.

You should bring to your awarness, that the creatior of these moments is you, noone else can create them for you, for they don't hold the power to do so.

As you climb to the top of a hill, you yourself choose to watch the valley below either from one side only or the whole expanded view arround it. It is of your choosing, wether you'll descend using the same path you've ascended, another path or maybe even climb up another, higher hill.

Most of you choose to walk along the slope, some reach the top, but can't see the view beacuse of the fog, wind or maybe because of the sun, blinding you by it's brightness. You can't see the view, for you are blinded.

Well, Karl and Tina are only the wind, which clears up the fog; the thunderstorm, which brings clairty, but in no case we have sent them to live the lives of anyone else.

Feel the grattitude for your ascending and descending, the grattitude for the wind and the storms, which bring clairity and don't forget to take time enjoing the view from the top.

Don't forget to take time to live."


This message was received, while on our amazing journey to England in september 2019, at the divine place of Source energy on Earth known as the Challice Garden.

We've connected to Melchizedek, Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, Anna, Mother Mary, energies of the Essenes and more...they've presented us messages and insights in grattitude and we have excepted them with grattitude as we have excepted the sacred vow between the two of us.

In grattitude for life,

Karl, Tina & One Flame

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