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Updated: Jan 25, 2022

We’re living in a world where you can edit just about anything: your voice, your body, your pictures, even your life through social media, the history, the law, the truth,…nothing is authentic anymore.

The worse thing is that editing is expected and thought to be required for an individual to be accepted by the society. Humans forget that their lives are just edited versions of their true self and by accepting and contributing to that they are detaching and moving further away from their true self. The result of editing is loss of self-awareness, blindness to one’s true self as well as a devaluation of your own wisdom and being that you are. It is also the editing that has created a devastating sense of loneliness, detachment, unworthiness and powerlessness of the individual.

“TO EDIT - definition: prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.”

Each Soul has a blueprint, a recorded data of all its physical experiences, called the Akashic records - the aspects connecting it to higher source collectives or consciousnesses, all it's agreements it made before entering the physical body and the possible outcomes, you call Destiny, depending on the awareness it achieves at certain points of life.

All the thoughts, emotions and experiences of the soul are recorded in its blueprints. These cannot be changed, corrected, condensed or modified in any way.

That's where the saying, you have for sure come across, comes in: what you are is the result of all you've been through. But there's a missed-out point in that!

Too often people use what they've been through as an excuse to act in a certain way and not at all giving it a thought to change it. “That's just the way I am!”

All that you experience, the pleasant and unpleasant emotionally perceived situations of your life don't serve the purpose to push you into a belief frame of what is possible and what not and what it is that defines you. They serve only one purpose - the opening of infinite possibilities in each moment of your life to expand your awareness and access your consciousness. To question what is and to discover what can be.

The problem lies in the fact that most humans stick to the narrow frames of that's how it is, that's who you are, that's how you need to be to fit in. These frames are programed to fit the matrix, not the soul and are forced around your mind to detach you from your soul and source awareness. From the moment of birth, these frames are fixed into place by your parents and the society and accepted as such by the majority of humans.

That's when the human mind detaches from its soul, goes on functioning in a zombie like state of going through life without the awareness of the possibility of expansion, accepting the “That's how it is.”.

In the moment the mind starts awakening to its soul and Source connection, this belief hits even harder, pulling the mind away from breaking through the frames and causing great pain and doubt in the process of awakening.

I do wish I had an instant magic slap to cure that belief.

You need to snap out of it! There's no “That's just the way I am.”, just as there's no “That's just the way it is.”.

You can always change everything about your perception of life and self, about how you experience life, the only thing you can't change is that at a point this life experience is over.

When I studied Traditional Chinese art of Feng-Shui, I discovered an interesting perception of life Feng Shui holds.

Feng Shui is a science of understanding the movements, interactions and effects of Qi - life energy - that of an individual, that of space surrounding the individual and that of the Earth. But it isn’t accepted as such, because in the contemporary human belief, something can be scientific only when it's proven by repetitive experiment resulting in the same outcome.

What the contemporary science is far from understanding is the fact, that the energy of each person and its soul's blueprints are unique, effected by the energy of its surrounding and can never be repeated twice.

In Feng Shui there's an explanation of an individual’s life experience:

30% is your destiny - the potential of the soul in physical form,

30% is the energy of the soul’s surrounding - the space and the people who affect your destiny and

30% is what you make of it - based on the choices you make, you can either live up to your full destined potential or a part of it.

The 10% is the unknown within Feng Shui theory.

What these 10% represent is the open corridor for a soul in a human body to remember itself and break out of the rigid frames of beliefs set by the human program.

So, there's no way to edit your soul, which people try to do by living up to the expectations of the program, while all they're editing is their perception of life and disconnecting from their Source self.

There's no need to “edit” anything. What many individuals in this time and reality are guided to, by their soul and Source self, is to reconnect with the awareness of self beyond the matrix, find the true authentic self, to experience life from this new perspective and by doing so changing the collective as such. This is the human evolution of consciousness and the shift that is necessary for this collective that has caused too much destruction by detachment from awareness.

What Karl and I do is offer support to those individuals, who are starting or already walking their path of awareness and remembrance of their Source Self. There’s a number of individual sessions available either with both of us or each of us separate.

For the first steps, to clear your awareness and start breaking the programed belief frames, the Source Self Connection Session in a guided altered state of consciousness (deep meditation) is ideal to help you remember, experience and connect with yourself, your soul, gain insight into your Akashic record and receive the messages, guidance and healing from your Source self, your aspects and guides in person. More:

The other session you can benefit most to start with is the Soul Constellation with the 12 Pillars of Creation, where you are guided through conversation and intense energy work to shift your perspective, see and understand your connections and bonds with the people in your life, the roles you play and the rightful place that is your soul’s to hold in this reality, but you are not able to take it, because of the beliefs and imprints you’ve received throughout your life. More:

These would be the One Flame beginner sessions, which change your life and your perception of it irreversibly. Ideally, they are experienced both, within a span of at least 33 days in-between. They give you a never before experienced clarity and position you firmly onto your path of expanding your awareness and consciousness.

These are not sessions one would do out of curiosity. They are intense energy work and healing sessions, activating processes, which can be experienced as unpleasant, but inevitably giving each individual exactly the amount of shift and transformation that is allowed in the given moment.

To find out more about our sessions, visit:

Or write to us:

It’s time you stop trying to edit your soul and start expanding the awareness of your unique, authentic Source Self!

With uncompromised love,

Tina with Karl & One Flame

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