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The truth, an iridescent illusion

As the light shines it brightens up the truth of things, yet humans except only what they see, in denial of their own capabilty to diferent perspectives. A truth of one is another of another.

What you experiance as truth today, will not be the same in a year from today.

Time is merely a shift in the human perception.

The humans have forgoten their capabilty of expanding their vision and are locked onto a perspective of the moment, as if it is the only truth there is.

Just remember how you have perceived your surroundings, people and the world as such as a child. How has that changed as you grew older? The patterns of thought are constantly shifting in your mind. So, how can you say that right now you are wiser, you understand it all or you have the right of imposing your truth to others, when you know from experiance, it will shift with time?

It is curious to us, watching the processes of the human mind. It is completly disconected to it's own true wisdom, which is timless and always avaliable. What you choose to call wisdom, is only a shift in perception of your earthly physical surroundings. And your perception changes by learning the perceptions of others. It is still just a perception, not fact, no matter how thick the book you learn from, how long it has been arround and who's perception it was to except it's perception as the truth and how many have agreed out of unnoticed reasons. That's what increases your value, the number of perceptions you've learned instead of the awareness you have achieved.

And you have assigned value to this perceptions with names and titles, which tell nothing of your awareness or wisdom.

We have found more wisdom in those who have no earthly values in titles. All these have shown is a misleading impression of power, which gives a human the personal belief to intitelment of acting in less of the values you are tought to show, but not to live.

While you chase these titles and power, you keep loosing sight of wisdom and yourself.

You believe in duality, in the light and the dark, so you've created a programed patteren of good and bad, completly errasing the universal truth of oneness. The light you learned to percieve as good, is growing dimmer and the window of your perception is narrowing.

The dark is where you have hidden the Source truth, programing the masses to be drawn to the light, without questiong who controls the spotlights direction, keeping them focused on it by infusing fear of the dark.

So simple, yet so unreachable for most of the souls in this reality.

As loong as you seek with your eyes full of fear and the insatiable hunger for more of what others pretend to see with their own eyes full of fear, you will not find wisdom. Wisom is found by those who feel their way through the dark listening to the depths of their hearts. And those you can't follow, to follow is also another illusion of human perception to get you where you feel you need be.

You can only feel your own way through the darknes of the false spotlights of the human illusion to your own wisdom.

With undeniable grace,

Tina & Source collective

(Photo: Madagascan sunset moth, a day-flying moth, considered to be one of the most beautiful insects on Earth. That's what I have been shown as an intro to this message, which arrived this morning, waking me up at 5:00 am. Parts of the sunset moths wings are iridescent and have no pigment, it's collors originate from optical interference ...)

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