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The unrecognized creators of reality

The humans are curious species.

For millennias you search persistently for ultimate power of creation, for the secret element, which you believe you lack and would, if discovered, grant you that power.

You keep waging wars over it, or you start them with that goal in your mind, though every single time you lose sight of the goal and get carried away by the emotions of anger, resentment, revenge. You get so entangled in those emotions, you forget why the war has started, who started it and why. So, centuries go by and generation to generation a war is passed on, with hate kept alive by stories, the truth completely washed away by time and interest of those who follow.

Of course, in each generation the hate is fueled and light up by those who find favor and gain in it. That is why it is fought for, but those caring out the fight are in the unknown of its true purpose, they fight for one created by a story.

Now, don't be misled, I'm not telling you about the stories of ancient kingdoms and their battles, I'm telling you about your stories that are created and unfolding right now. The stories of your romances and betrayal, of your daily servitude to a business and fight for survival, the battles over affection, acceptance and reputation, the fights for likes and those of rejection, the battles you've lost and those you have won in your life up to this very moment. All of these are stories, stories you keep telling to others and to yourself.

You do know, the story is told by a teller. And the storyteller is the one holding full power of every twist and turn within the story, just as he holds the power of its end.

Now you might start to shift into that aha moment. Have you uncovered the plot of this story yet?

Let me help you. A story is created and unfolds as it is told. Your life is a story you are telling. This makes you the unlimited creator of your story and of your life as it is.

Here comes the baffling twist to the story of humans. A species, who is the curiosity of the universe. One that manages to create and not know it does so. In its complete ignorance to its own power, the mysterious element of magic it constantly uses while searching for it. This is much like that story we see so often, when you look for your glasses, while wearing them on your nose...

We are revealing a great mystery to you at this very moment, but do not expect you to recognize it, for you are so stubborn in the belief that you can't, that you actually can' there's another master creation of self-sabotage, just one of countless, you have created within your collective.

For those who are seeing through all these stories, the times are not kind. You must rethink and rewrite each line, to tell it in the way you choose it to unfold in your full awareness, that it is yours to do so.

While you dare to, remember, the story is yours, whether it is one of never-ending pain or a battle for freedom, you choose and you tell.

Now, this also is just a story, what more you create out of it, is yours to choose.

Source collective & the channel of Tina we use to manifest our stories into your reality in uncompromised respect.

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