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The oldest concept came to my mind. I tried to dismiss it, but it wouldn't let go...

What is Love?

I tried to grasp the perception of love from a human point of view. It has so many forms and ways of expression, you can get lost trying to grasp them.

Is human existence all about love? It seems so. But is it really what it seems to be?

Whatever humans do, all their thoughts, desires, goals, actions are in the name of "love". But none of it is love actually.

You are born out of love, or so they say. Two human beings making love create another human being. In an "ideal" case or to be more correct in a case that seems so. There are others, but let’s not get into that.

As you are born, you are loved by your parents - the best way they know how - and let me say in my life as a human being and a therapist I have seen a lot of destructive forms of parents love and zero unconditional one.

Than you start to discover other expressions of love, that of a friend, a lover, a teacher,....and you settle "in love" with another human being, because that's what a human is supposed to do and out of love you create another, as your parents did and theirs before.

The history of human kind is created "in the name of love" and out of "love" for power gained and lost, countries created, battles fought, all to gain love of others or for the love for others - an individual, a nation, you name it.

Love is a strange thing on this planet. It seems to me like the master of illusion or maybe the illusion is mastering love.

And what is love to you? You all try to create the illusion of it within your family, your workplace, with your friends. You have been hurt by love and have hurt others because of it. But do you recognize it, it's real essence?

I can assure you, you do not.

When you look carefully at what humans call love, you may see: conditioning, expectations, demands, servitude, fear of loss, fear of change, need for safety, a cry for help,...

Do you love yourself? That's where it should all start, they say...

Think about your life. The things you have done, the choices that you made. How many have been out of love for yourself? You are so blinded by the wish of your illusion to be true, you might even say many or some, because to see the truth would break you and all your beliefs your life is standing upon.

The truth beneath the veil of human perception of love is a devastating one, but yes beneath that love does reside. Only in depths no human goes, for they have been taught to fear them and accepted that fear as "That's how it is".

Today there's a lot of focus on self-love. Many are masters and teachers -not of love or self-love, but more or less skilled in the creation of its illusion - promising you the ultimate recipe to attain it, so you can gain more love from others, more status, more admiration even more money. And there we go again, right into the wrap of illusion, which is many things, but none of them is love.

The truth of human life is an illusion and to see it for what it is, is too painful for the humans to even touch it with a thought. So, they continue to create more of the illusion and leave love to dissipate.

To descend into the depths, where you can reach the true essence of love, takes devotion, determination, awareness and a spark of love, that you will not find confirmed anywhere around you. Or, you may choose to master the skill of illusion, much simpler, at reach and less painful in the given moment as it is a great tranquilizer - not just for pain, but for life itself.

Karl and I have been given a one in a billion chance to discover love in its uncompromised form. And I am not sharing this to make you feel admiration or envy or any of the common human emotions. We share our uncompromised love and wisdom so those of you, who are able to notice, will know it is possible. Humans create only when they create a belief that something is possible and most of them only when they see it in their surrounding reality. Why? Because they have lost their connection to their Source awareness, which unconditionally knows that anything is possible.

That's why our work is dedicated to support individuals on their journey of remembering their connection to their Source awareness. Through this connection, your perception of reality expands, you start to see beyond the illusion you and those around you are creating, you can reach the levels of self-awareness, respect, love and function beyond the programed human mind. It gives you the opportunity to create your reality in aware state making you the magician, alchemist and creator of your life. And in that moment life stops happening to you - you truly start to live it.

With uncompromised honor, love and respect,

Tina, Karl & One Flame

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