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What no one ever told you about LIFE

What no one ever told you, but is essential to know so you can live not just survive your life experience/this human program...

There are a few things:

- everything in life is your choice;

- the directed unfolding of life school-job-work-family-retirement is the human program. Following it directs you into submissive servitude, rebelling against it numbs you, finding your own path of truth within it is something rare souls can achieve;

- you have to be heartless to make it in life. The human program has created a picture if what it means to be successful in life. A picture that serves the program not your soul;

- money is just paper with an assigned value. So is power and happiness. The program feeds you an illusion of what it could be, directing you to serve and never be able to achieve it, as it doesn't exist in the form it is presented;

- self-confidence is misleading and destructive. You are taught to be self-confident to such an extent, that people learn to act it but none of them has it. Self-awareness is what has been used and molded into self-confidence, but there is a significant difference. Self-confident people need constant approval from the outside and others, whereas one in self-awareness needs no such thing - it is the difference of being confident or aware of something or oneself; - the official institutions, religions, organizations, media and economy are masks of illusions, behind which nothing is as presented. They are used for continuous programing of the human souls, keeping them asleep and submissive;

- fear is a sedative;

- love is not serving and doing everything for or instead of someone. Love means to take responsibility for ones existence, honoring and respecting that of another;

- no one can make your life better, you are fully responsible for all your choices of thoughts, words and deeds;

- hurting people who hurt you, hurts you even more, keeping the wheel of emotional bond to them going not stepping out of it;

- karma is not a b**** she serves those who call upon her;

- compassion for others means not saving all you encounter, but allowing them and honoring their own experience, offering support to those who seek it and except it, not to those who use it in disrespect;

- you are an infinitive being on a short visit to this reality, a journey you call life;

- you have the infinite access to all answers and wisdom within you, searching for them in this reality is a blind cause.

In the end it all comes down to the first point: everything in your life is YOUR choice and it is not a choice between what you can or cannot do, it is always and without exception what you choose or choose not to do, think, believe or say.

If the human soul would comprehend these words, take the responsibility for its life, the human program would collapse in itself in what you'd perceive as a moment.

Since that is not the case, for it all stands and continuous on the basis of freedom of choice, that has been abused to the extent of mass blindness, keeping all feeding and serving the program. One stepping into the awareness can do nothing but create their own program within the program. Discover your own self, your own truth, learn to respect your existence, which is a rebellious act by itself within the human program. Do not try to awaken others but act as an example of what is possible. For possibilities are unnoticed until seen, if only for a glimpse of a moment, acting as triggers for other souls, who start to discover the true freedom of choice.

And that is the legacy you hand down to your children. One chooses to repeat the programed existence of their ancestors or to break out of it, creating a new reality, clearing and opening new paths for those who follow. That is true creation.

Life is the manifestation of choices you make in every single moment of your existence.

With uncompromised love, honor and grace,


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