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The Universal Law of Balance - Part I

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

It had been a tough year of processes, emotional roller-coaster, events reaching absurdity and those reflecting synchronicities that were both beyond human reason or explanation.

In search to understand more, I have gone into my altered state of consciousness with a clear intent and request to receive insight.

The message I have started to receive, seemed very basic, but I do understand we often lose sight of the basic stuff, the core issues, the basic functioning and the systematics of all things in life, including ourselves. So, I've opened up to receiving, what started pouring in:

»There is a Universal Law of Balance. Everything in the Universe, the physical and nonphysical, the Life energy as such, tends to create balance or restore it, where it isn't present.

The physical experience on Earth is a challenge for consciousness who enter it, since the program of this reality is based on imbalance, starting with the constant presence of and focus on perception of duality.

So, let's start with the beginning.

Humans like to say, you are not your body, you are a soul, who has a body.

Right there is the first creation of separation, of perception within duality, thus resulting in an instant imbalance.

A human being does consist of its physical, material presence, which you call body and its infinitive conscious existence and awareness, which you call the Soul. (This explanation as follows will be simplified and partly adjusted with the intent to be perceptible for the human based thinking.)

The Soul as such is a whole, not a half, not a fragment, but a whole energy of awareness and always in perfect balance, which is its primal state. As such it arrives and anchors into the physical body of a human in this reality.

The human body as such is also in unconditional balance as it starts the journey through life.

All the unpleasant perceptions one encounters through life, physical pain, emotional pain, unwellness, illness,… is coming from one single perception or belief – the human perception of lack, of incompleteness, of duality, causing imbalance and with it the whole range of pains and fears.

Therefore, what makes humans unwell is always and without exception lack of balance.

It starts to be perceived on an emotional level and when not restored, it moves to the physical level of the body functions. You know the science of different diseases – it is always an imbalance in the core functioning of the body, which starts fully balanced and has the potential to remain in that state for a much longer time, as you perceive it, would it not be for the lack of balance you yourselves create.

As the first Human Program was created, it worked based on a harmonic balanced connection of the Body and Soul. All further imbalances and what they bring, cause and create, are the result of the human mind evolution and the changes to the original Human Program it has brought about.

The humans of this reality choose imbalance, nurture it, focus their intentions and choices on it and thus create more of it as well as teach it to and hand it over to their next generations.

That is why so many souls within the Human program, who are aware of their higher consciousness or awareness beyond this program, experience a lot of pain, grief and rejection of and from this program. They are simply not familiar with such an unconditionally and intentionally dictated functioning in imbalance.

Their universal sense of need to restore balance is stronger than that of those souls, who have disconnected from their higher awareness. (There is no right or wrong, no guilty or righteous, it is just an explanation of the basics in the human reality and necessary to be understood as such.)

There is a constant pull towards balance in the Universe and there always will be. It is the core program of each soul or consciousness, no matter the matrix of a program it is connected to in any of the realities it is experiencing.

Not remembering your higher consciousness, the one beyond the time and reality you are physically experiencing in the given moment, is an imbalance as well.

And that, no matter how distant, memory of this Source core program of balance is that, which triggers humans to question who they are, what life really is, what their purpose is and how to improve their experience.

What is starting to be perceived by some, is the fact, that the human program or matrix, aware of this trigger, is constantly developing and upgrading new widely accessible answers to these questions, which as such are nothing but elegant manipulations guiding the soul or human back into an imbalanced state, for that's where the program learned to feed on energy from.

Within the human history, as you perceive it, there has been many such manipulative directives on a grand scale as well on levels of individuals and groups. You already understand the religions as such organized manipulations of keeping humans in a state of fear and obedience, disconnected from their true self-awareness. But there are many more and new are continuing to arise equal and in response to those who are remembering their Source awareness and pull towards balance.

So, as such, you could recognize this as a balance on itself. Therefore, not even a program focused on imbalance is immune to the Universal Law of Balance.

But this should not be the focus or concern of a soul on an individual level as perceived in this reality. What should be focused on, is the constant awareness and attunement with the pull towards creating and restoring balance, firstly within oneself and simultaneously in one’s surroundings.

This reality and its governing human program have made it a draining process, often perceived as impossible. Serving this perception are the humanly percieved emotions the program focuses on keeping the individuals in – lack, anger and fear.

One of the basic tools the Human program uses to keep these emotional states active are the human relationships and what humans call Love. Within the relationship between a female and male energy and body hides the greatest of secrets kept from the humans in all its ridiculousness, as they each really are the keepers of but left in oblivion to. So, the program has developed a fine redirection of this awareness into the focus of duality, opposites, creating an imbalance and continuous conflict between the male and female energies. It is a masterpiece of hiding truth in plane site.

What is happening now in your reality, is the remembrance of the Universal Source Self, the allowance of pull towards creating balance and a few souls who act as reminders of the Source balanced union, for more to see and be recognized as possible, triggering their own memory of self.

And no, it’s by far not the first time such an activation of awakening as you call it is happening on Earth. There has always been the presence of Source awareness within your reality and always will be to some extent. Each reality has its own curious outcomes, what that of yours will be, is already starting to manifest."

With uncompromised respect,

Tina & Source

For sessions, transmissions and activations supporting your expansions of awareness and remembering your Source Self visit

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