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The Universal Law of Balance - Part II - ATLANTIS AND LEMURIA

There's a lot of talk about Atlantis and Lemuria lately. I have my own memories of lives in those realities, but always searched for deeper insights. They say what you ask for, you shall receive. Doesn't really always work as I imagine it should, but still. I went into an unexpected altered state of consciousness where I have received interesting insight into the functioning of these two collectives. Curiously, as Karl told me later, I was »out« for about 3 min, but talked about what I have seen and came to understand for quite a while longer.

As I was knocked out into the altered state, I found myself together with Karl at the entrance to the Blue Rooms. We were greeted, welcomed and invited to enter. I was excited, because we just started discovering the universal wisdom kept in these halls. And I believe we are only allowed to enter them together.

We passed by the rooms of the Arcturian records, the Sirian, some I could not pronounce or repeat, finally arriving at a room, where the records of the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations are kept in a wall behind a symbol. Each record is sealed with its own symbol or sign, they glow golden on the shimmering blue walls.

The records of Atlantis and Lemuria were laid out in front of us and looked like living books. You can retrieve the insight from them by setting a clear focus and intent. As I have done and in the same moment found myself on a long staircase, leading down, towards a room emitting a bright white light. Walking down I've arrived in a spacious room with nothing but a stand in the middle and a group of tall crystals placed on top of it. They were different heights glowing with a bright white platinum light.

Around them was a circle of twelve men and the voice of my source narrator started explaining: “They are the 12 Christal Masters, the 12!, all comes in twelves you see…there's always a Council of 12, 12 Wisdom Keepers, 12 Rays of Source wisdom, there were 12 crystal skulls of Atlantis, just like the 12 pyramids on Earth that connected into an energy network, serving each their own purpose and together acting as a communication, transmission and portal activators of shift through time and space. Twelve is important, you know that already, just don't forget. There are also the 12 x 12 which make the 144 souls activating Source wisdom within this Earths reality.”

Then I saw the landscape of Atlantis, receiving: “This is the land of Atlantis, a highly developed civilization holding universal wisdom and active in technological development they implement into building construction, work with crystals, genetic research,…In their civilization the masculine energy is the one that prevails, governs and guides it.”

The perspective changed onto a beautiful natural landscape with lots of trees around a field of colorful flowers with a stream on the side. I could see different animals peacefully roaming around and a few women dressed in light clothes with flowers in their hair and tons of butterflies surrounding them…and I received: “This is Lemuria, a lot like what you understand by happy unicorns and butterflies, but not really. This land is governed by the feminine energy. Lemurians are very close to nature, their bond is deep and harmonious. They communicate with nature, nurture it and receive nurturing from it. There's not much science or research going on as you've seen it in Atlantis.

Now, do you see? The male energy is guided by a strong desire for discovery of new, of testing the limits, of pushing these limits and feeling immense awe while observing the new discoveries and achievements come to life. That was the main directive and pull of the Atlantean. Male energy is not only about power and strength and control and destruction as you perceive it, or, to be more precise, it wasn't always, it started out as this need of wonder and discovery. But the same drive was the cause of the Atlantean downfall. They have destroyed themselves by pushing the limits while working with crystals. They did hold knowledge of the crystal’s frequency-based effects and put it to use well for healing, communication, transportation and more, but they stretched it too far, knowing it could cause grate damage. They pushed the crystals over the limit and it caused the destruction of their world. There’s of course a lot more to it, but more at another time.

These twelve men you see are the group with a strong desire for amazement at achieving new results and limits of the crystal frequency effect. But they caused an overload of frequency which naturally balanced itself out, but caused great damage in its surrounding. They knew it was damaging, but still chose to proceed with their work.

What is important to understand is it's opposite, which is not really one, but the counterpart needed for keeping the universal balance, the feminine energy, which prevailed in Lemuria. The feminine does not hold the need and desire to push limits, to discover, to build just to be amazed and proud of the outcome. The female energy of Lemuria has taken its path and focus on a peaceful and harmonious living with the nature, also putting their wisdom of work with energies and frequencies to good use, but stagnating and starting to create a negative stand towards the men and the male energy. They slowly fell out of balance through hate and disrespect causing their harmony to disappear and this was the downfall of their civilization.

See, when men only or women only gather, it results in harm on a long term. The idea of keeping the universal balance in the earthly reality is to create, to function within and take care of the balance between male and female energies, between men and women.

This reality is one of duality, but it aims for the universal balance between the illusion of opposite poles.”

And there we go, three minutes traveling through time and space. After I have returned into the now, I felt as if I was on a roller coaster ride. I felt dizzy, tired and very hungry….as if I traveled far, on foot, by the speed of light…Not necessarily pleasant, but a hell of a wild and amazing ride.

I am in deep appreciation to be able to share this insight with you. There will be a lot more to come and I will not stop to share or discover.

With uncompromised respect,


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