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What happened to Source energy within the human program?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

What did the human program do to its Source energy?

The earthly male energy is destroying everything in its path although it does build and create with its own hands within this reality, for the male are physically stronger, but under the line it creates more damage to its surroundings than anything else, by aggressively invading it.

It is the whole range from building infrastructure and with it destroying this planet to invading the feminine space or energy. The male energy never stops to ask itself how much destruction it causes before it »creates«.

The programed perception is that of the fallen masculine energy caused by the feminine energy, for Lilith was the one who betrayed Adam. Therefore, God created the unworthy and submissive Eve, to serve the narcissistic Adam.

At the same time the program or the matrix »castrated« the masculine energy, so it could not bear any children through Heylal and Lilith. This castration is only a command within the human program: Delete the Source masculine energy and add a virus of »The woman is guilty of everything from the beginning of it all.«

That is why the male energy on earth, throughout the human history, had been in reckless vengeance, in physical abuse and rage, DEMANDING the submission of the woman or else she had to be erased and destroyed and as such the male energy kept creating this or their own program of reality.

And the female energy on earth kept its programed virus of servitude, in constant confirmation of the male need to be valued and at the same time proudly presenting her body to the sexual and reproductive demands of the male program.

It is an undisputed fact, that the Source masculine energy never was present in this reality and never will be. Why? Because it is unable to anchor in this reality due to the virus of earthly souls continuously »falling« to earth in a constant state of amnesia.

And they are continuing to fall!

As long as the female energy on earth will function in the vibration of a »goddess«, of Eve, who's only assignment is to serve Adam unconditionally, to fill his insatiable narcissistic hunger for earthly sexuality; or of Lilith – her earthly interpretation of the evil one, the guilty one for all the suffering of men and the one who is trying to redeem herself by fulfilling the insatiable sexual needs of all men, meaning she will energetically and physically sell herself; the Source masculine energy has NO INTTEREST to anchor itself in this earthly reality.

The human collective has a choice to either keep functioning in these same ways or to shift into the Source awareness, and forget about a massive or collective awakening, it is not happening!

Those of you, who will respond to your own Source calling, will step into a process of remembering until you stop falling.

Only then will you be able to anchor your Source energy, yourself into this reality. As far as I can see, no one has done it yet. But time and space do not exist, therefore the question »When will it happen?« is meaningless.

Tina and I have received a new level of awareness from Source yesterday, awareness of ourselves, of Source and with it of the human collective in this and all its realities.

The human program is absurd and no one can change it, there is not even an intention for that to happen.

The two of us are changing constantly, everything around us can follow or not. Much more is coming and all of it will massively change our world and yours if you happen to choose so.

The male energy of Adam will NEVER respect and honor Eve, for that is how it is written and if he would, it wouldn't be Adam and Eve any longer.

The Hybrid between Adam and Heylal will NEVER be the true energy of Heylal, therefore there are these male program copies of Jeshua, bearded warriors,… appearing all over, which are nothing but the product of the programmed marketing and obviously the hybrid human program.

The hybrid between Eve and Lilith will NEVER be the true energy of Lilith, therefore the programed female hybrids appear in the form of earthly goddesses, wild women, feme fatal, …which again in their illusion of power serve and fuel this hybrid program.

It's a fact, that in this moment the human collective has no awareness of self, based on its own choice.

Yet every moment is a new moment presenting a new choice to be made.

The two of us make our own in our full awareness,

Karl & Tina & Source

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